What God can give you

Yesterday I wrote about surrender. Surrendering to God is a beautiful offering. It can appear to be a sacrifice. The sacrifice of praise is real especially during trying times but it is a blessing. You see, surrendering is giving in to God. It’s giving Him our attention, our best effort, our focus. We give and we receive. When we surrender, we give to the biggest giver there is. God is the ultimate giver. He is the giver of life, the giver of mercy and grace. He gave His Son for us before we gave Him anything. He doesn’t stop on giving. When we surrender and we focus on our relationship with Him, we receive more than we bargain for. We deal with the giver of the universe. What God can give you and me is way greater than the problems the enemy gives us. The enemy specializes in giving pain. The Lord is an expert in giving relief. The enemy loves to give trouble and cause tears. The Lord loves to give us blessings and cause us to rejoice and find peace. There isn’t anything the Lord won’t give us. We ought to increase our faith in God’s ability to give at all times. We need to increase our faith in His love, grace and mercy. Today I want to encourage you to thank God for what He gives. Not just for what He has given you but for what He is giving you now and what He will give you in the future. Stir yourself up and accept that whatever need you have today and whatever need you will have tomorrow will be met by God Almighty.



If we made a chain of all our needs combined, the chain will go around the world many times. It would be impossible to count how many needs there are. However, God can name our needs one by one. He knows what is needed and He knows how to meet those needs. He has a supply of provisions for all categories of needs and for all people. That’s how big He is. That’s how powerful He is. That’s how caring He is. He wants to give more than we want to receive. It’s hard to imagine but that is the kind of God He is. The ultimate provider can do the unthinkable. Every time we are faced with a need, God has already created the provision for it. He can give like no other.



What does God give? God can give us anything that is good for us. He gives peace that surpasses all understanding. He operates from the concept that He can do all things and He can give all things. We live in a system that makes us believe that we are limited and there is only so much we can get. God refutes that idea. He doesn’t adhere to the impossible. He knows that to Him all is possible and that includes giving us what we need when we most need it. Today you and I can enumerate all we need and believe that all those needs can be met. Now, they might not be met the way we want them to be but they will be taken care of. God knows best and if we ask Him, He is faithful and He will give us the best. Let’s remember that God’s best is not always what we think will give us rest. His best might involve a bit of work on our part but it ends up being the best.



I could make a list for you of all that God can give you but discovering that list with God’s help is much more rewarding. Ask the Lord to show you what He can give you. The Lord said that we don’t receive because we don’t ask. We don’t ask because we don’t always know what to ask. The Holy Spirit will guide us step by step on the path of finding out what we truly need. He is excellent at it. He can weed out the needs that we that can hurt us and He can water the needs that will help us grow and that will bless us. God can give without a problem and learning to receive without a problem is something that we can learn. Ask the Lord for what you need instead of telling Him what you think you need. God will show you a lot more than you can imagine. He will shed light on obscure parts of your life that needs fixing when what you wanted was replacing. I pray that God gives you the desires of your heart as they align with His heart. You are blessed and the blessings that come from the Lord are unlimited! Ask and God will give you what you need!



Suggested reading: Psalm 34;10; Matthew 7:7-8; Philippians 4:19



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