How God can transform you

I can’t talk enough about how much God has changed my life. It wasn’t a one-time change with no other transformations. There was an initial change but as I grow closer to Him, I grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally. He has altered the way I see life. He has changed the way I feel on the inside and He has impacted the way I look on the outside. He has tampered with the fear and the anxiety I used to experience daily. He is very good at shaking things up and putting them back into place. Then everything is better than it used to be. He knows the ins and outs of my life and He is more than willing to transform them to the point where they mirror the ins and outs of His heart. I am different. I am changed and it is all because of Him. The Lord is an active God. He is active and He is working in us thanks to His Spirit. It is when I embraced the Holy Spirit and I accepted this amazing gift from Jesus that the transformation unfolded. Today I can’t claim that I have made it and that I don’t need to grow anymore. This is a process that will never end and I rejoice at the thought of going up the spiritual ladder. I won’t look down to my old self. I am keeping my eyes on things from on high and Jesus has my attention. I want to encourage you to make room for the Holy Spirit. Embrace Him as much as you can. Let Him tamper with your life. Let Him turn your world upside down. Let Him show you who Jesus is. Let Him help you fall in love with Jesus even more. Let God be God in your life. Let your walk be between you and God with no men interfering with your faith, your beliefs and your relationship with the Lord.


The Holy Trinity is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We sometimes slide in another element in the Trinity. We include man in there and we unconsciously kick out the Holy Spirit. How do we do that? We magnify what man has to say and we take it to the bank without checking God’s dividends in His Word and without the assistance of His Spirit. How many times have we accepted men’s versions of God’s Word without considering the Lord? Men can take scriptures and make them line up with what they believe by taking them out of Holy Ghost context. An example is when the Lord says love your neighbor as yourself and man defines what our neighbor should look like and who should not be regarded as our neighbor. “Love these people, judge these other people, ask these people to repent” is a subliminal message that has circulated in Christian circles a lot. For us to experience a God transformation, we ought to keep the Holy Trinity intact and learn to rely on the Holy Ghost and take Him as the gift Jesus intended Him to be!


God can change you and me in very powerful ways. He is always more interested in changing us on the inside than in changing our circumstances on the outside. Some strong spiritual changes take place when we give in to the Holy Spirit. Those changes come about when we do our part. Our part is to work on renewing our minds. How do we achieve that? Studying the Word and meditating on the Word is the best way to do it. Inviting the Holy Spirit to guide us is also very crucial. He will influence our thoughts through His Word and through promptings and messages.  Establishing that connection happens with daily prayer, praise, worship and thanksgiving. That’s the secret. That holy connection allows us to sync with God’s heart. His thoughts become our thoughts. The fruit of the Spirit develops in us. Nurturing that connection will change us in more ways than I can count. God’s desires become our desires. It is a beautiful transformation. It is a beautiful gift. How do you know if you are going through a God transformation process? His love for others will increase. Your awareness of His love for you will be stronger. Your faith will get stronger and you will bear great spiritual fruit. God can transform you and me and His transformation is priceless!

Suggested reading: Romans 8:2-6; Acts 1:8; Galatians 5:22-23

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