When you have the God factor

Years ago, there was a show on tv called the Fear Factor. People would go on the show and try to face their fears. Feeling fear would often cripple them and stop them from accomplishing the task or the mission they had been given. Fear often does that. It stops us in our tracks and it destabilizes us. There are so many things we could have achieved if fear had not been a factor. Today I want to talk about the God factor. The God factor, the fact that we have God, enables us to do a lot, to do the impossible. The God factor makes us operate on a different level, on a God level. That level is above all levels of achievement in the world. We have the God factor and because of Him we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. People have argued that the verse I am referring to is often taken out of context and it doesn’t mean we can do all things. However, I beg to differ. With God we can do all things. Not because of who we are but because of who He is. He is the strength behind us. He is the factor that changes everything. Don’t you think that God Almighty can help us to do all things? He is God. He is the factor we should always take into consideration. When the fear factor tries to settle in our minds and in our hearts, we should flash the God factor in its face. The Lord who allows us to do all things is living in you and me. Fear must go. God gives us the “Let’s go!” Let the God factor be bigger in your life than the fear factor.


The God factor works well with two other factors; the faith factor and the love factor. Without love, the faith factor doesn’t function properly. In order to enjoy the fullness of the God factor we need both the love and the faith factors. The faith factor walks all over the fear factor. The faith factor is not afraid. It gives you the courage to face your fears. It makes you bold and it makes you strong. The faith factor knows that with God on your side it doesn’t matter who is against you. You are in God’s camp and the faith factor reminds you of that truth all the time. Maintaining the faith factor is primordial. Faith moves the hand of God. Faith with love will always win against any type of evil. God is Love and we can’t know Him if we don’t have love. We can do our best but we will never reach the best if love is not part of the equation. The love factor also removes all anxiety that the fear factor tries to bring on because there is no fear in perfect love. God is perfect and perfect love is a great synonym for Him.


The God factor is what will make a difference in your life all the time. It is the factor that will always put you on the winning team, the comfort team and above all on the love team. God loves you and me so much that He gave His Son for our sins and for our redemption. This is the biggest demonstration of love known to the universe. For that very reason the God factor is bigger than any evil, any negativity and any problem you will ever encounter. When the difficulty factor comes your way, stick to the God factor. Stick to it more than ever. Praise and Pray. Talk to the Lord. Don’t let your head get booged down by the fear factor. That factor will dazzle you and trouble you but the One who is stronger and more powerful than anyone is in you. Let God rise and shine in your life. Let the God factor do its job. Let God be God! The God factor will always come with hope and joy. Rejoice in the Lord. Rejoice in Him and pray at all times. The more you pray, the more you will see the God factor function in your life. You are made to live life with God. Without Him you can’t factor any problems. When you have the God factor, nothing can defeat you. Thank God for God! Enjoy the God factor all week!



Suggested reading: Luke 1:37; Mark 10:27; Philippians 4:13


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