Keep your spirits up

“Keep your spirits up” is an expression I have heard my whole life and I got curious enough to explore its deeper meaning a few years ago. What allows us to keep our spirits up? I like to think of that expression in terms of my own spirit and say, “Keep your spirit strong.” That resonates more with me and with how I perceive myself. In order to keep my spirit strong, it must be strong to start with and then it is my job to maintain its strength. I learned that the strength of my spirit comes from the Lord. My spirit is strong because of Him and not because of any special qualities I might have. I am strong in the Lord and outside of Him I can barely make it or not make it at all. Realizing that truth was eye-opening for me. I undeniably find my strength in the Lord. My spirit relishes in Him and adores Him. I keep my spirits up or I keep my spirit strong by staying anchored in the Lord. An anchor gives us the ability to stay in one place in the ocean for instance despite the waves and extreme conditions. What can we expect when we make the Lord our anchor? What does it mean to our spirits?


One way that we can keep our spirits strong and anchored in the Lord is by staying positive. It sounds like a simple solution but its application can be challenging. Life loves to set up traps that will capture our joy and make us lose our optimism and our positivity. Staying positive as we are getting tossed around in a sea of problems is a powerful way to face adversity. When we stay positive, we stay plugged into the Lord. The Holy Spirit is the most positive Person you will ever know. Acknowledging Him in all we do and maintaining a positive attitude enable us to stay connected to Him and to access His blessings. Positivity always sides with faith and faith moves the hand of the Lord on our favor. Find the silver lining and do your best to see the positive in everything and you will stay strong in the Lord.


There is tremendous power in our proclamations and declarations. It is advisable to say good and honorable things out loud. Positive affirmations go a lot way. They go all the way down to our spirits and warm our hearts by keeping us centered in God. What affirmations should you be saying you might wonder? Anything the Lord says about you in His Word is an affirmation that you should declare every day. By doing so you are showing you are in agreement with God and you are validating your covenant with Him. Speak about the goodness of God in your life to yourself. You need to hear positive, healing words every day. There are many evil, violent and negative words we hear all the time. We need to counterattack them with words of love and words of hope. Make sure you hear yourself using those words as much as possible and you will see how strong your spirit gets. Tap into the power of praise and the power of thanksgiving and you will maintain a strong spirit. Praise helps you focus on victory, on hope, on diving love and diving blessings. Thanksgiving allows you to speak the language of Heaven and it keeps you surrounded by God’s best. It is a very powerful way of keeping our spirits up. Let the Lord be your anchor every day and your spirit will soar like an eagle. Stay encouraged!


Suggested reading: Isaiah 26:3; Psalm 25:5; Hebrews 6:18-19


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