The importance of watching what we say

What’s in a word? I often feel that some words are heavier than others. Some words help, some words derail. Some words bless, some words curse. Some words bring peace, some words bring confusion. Do we always realize how much how words matter? I know I used to speak freely and use words that were derailing me, cursing me so to speak and bringing confusion. The power behind our words is underrated at least it was for me. Then I spent time searching for what the Lord had to say about our words. The book of Proverbs was a good place to find answers. Even before that book the Bible tells us about the power of words. God used the power of words at the very beginning. He spoke and the world was created. On a smaller scale we have that same power. Our words create and they can also destroy. I have been taught the importance of watching my words through experience and through the leading of the Holy Spirit. One thing I try my best to keep in mind is where my words are leading me. Are they leading me on the path of life or on the path of death? Are they feeding my faith or feeding my fears? Are they glorifying the Lord or are they magnifying the world? Words have so much power and we don’t always see their effects but they do something either positive or negative in our lives. Today I am inviting you to watch the power of your words. What path are you on because of your words?


When I am tired or when I don’t feel well, I find myself very susceptible to saying things that are far from edifying. I don’t swear at all but my word choices could be better. Words don’t have to sound bad to do damage. What I mean by that is that we are so used to hearing negative words that we don’t necessarily recognize their negative tone. People are so used to complaining that it is almost odd if we don’t hear anyone complain. “This is impossible” is a phrase we are very familiar with but we don’t always see how much negative impact it has in the spiritual realm. What does this phrase do? It stops the hand of God. It stalls our faith and it blocks the miraculous from happening. Anything that expresses lack, failure, inability or impossibilities is a faith blocker that can cause havoc. Like I said before, these expressions sound so natural that we think they are harmless. They are what we know. However, what we should be used to is speaking words of faith, words of hope and words of the impossible being possible.


We should never underestimate the power of positive words. Those words give a boost to our faith and they line us up with God’s heart. I want to stay connected to the heart of God as much as I can and I believe my words can keep me in the place where my life is in sync with God’s heart. Erasing complaints is a great start and replacing them with words of thanksgiving is powerful. Injecting as many words of God in what we say will definitely change the spiritual atmosphere we live in. I often talk about positive affirmations first thing in the morning. They do wonders and they should be sustained throughout the day. God is a positive God and we ought to imitate Him. As we make it a habit to speak blessings and to speak words of hope, we will see things start to change for the best in our lives because we will be speaking amazing things into creation. Our words should come out as arrows of victory that are pointing to what the Lord is doing and not to what we can’t do. Our words are weapons of faith. They are weapons against spiritual dullness and negative outcomes. I hope you will be joining me in watching what we say. Spend time in the Word and find what the Lord tells us about “speaking life into our lives.” Let’s stay away from words of defeat, words of hate and words of lack. Let’s make sure that are words are exalting the Lord and blessing everyone around us. Let’s watch what we say!


Suggested reading: Proverbs 21:23; Colossians 4:6; 1 Peter 3:10

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