Praise the Lord

I wish I could put a recorder in my heart and capture the love music of Jesus that is playing constantly. Sometimes I hear it loudly and sometimes it is muffled but it is there because He is there. The Lord is with us and He is in our hearts. We might need to do some work and dig Him out but He is in us. His Spirit dwells in us. How amazing is that?! Our hearts are singing “Praise the Lord” but our minds can be screaming “Where is the Lord?” Our hearts can sync with the Lord and our minds find it easy to stay on the world’s channel. When our hearts become overwhelmed by our minds and they can’t find a way out anymore, that’s when the music of the love of God is being covered up. Praising the Lord is one of the most powerful things we can do. The Bible reminds us to praise the Lord over and over again. David knew the importance of praising the Lord. He understood the power of praise. Paul and Silas praised the Lord even in the middle of the worst situations and praise set them free. Praising the Lord testifies to our faith. Praising the Lord changes everything. Praising the Lord shows our love for Him. Praising the Lord is recognizing that He is above everything and everyone. Praising the Lord is the key to our victory. How often are we praising the Lord? Is praising the Lord the key that is missing today? I want to encourage you to be like David and make it a habit to praise the Lord.


The most important command in the Bible is to love God with all our hearts. When we love God truthfully, we also love people, we love anyone regardless of who they are. I recently found out that the most repeated command in the Bible is to be happy and that command comes in different forms. The commands “Do not be afraid” and “Praise the Lord” are forms of saying “Be happy.” I also read that “Praise the Lord” appears in the Bible about 250 times. It falls under the umbrella of the most important command. When we love God, we praise Him or at least that’s how it should be. Praising God with a song is beautiful. Praising Him with our lives is amazing. When we love the Lord with all our hearts, we praise Him with all our hearts. Love goes hand in hand with praise. Love makes us obey the Lord and follow Him. Obedience to God is praising God.


Every time you read “Praise the Lord” in the Bible you can interpret it as “Love the Lord”, “Love people,” “Follow the Lord” and “Stay focused on the Lord” among other things. Find concrete ways you are doing this on a day-to-day basis and do it even more. Stay in praise with your actions, your words and your thoughts. Examine your mind and see if it is praising God or if it is turning away from God. Examine your heart and see if it is praising God or doubting God. What song is your heart hearing most of the time? A song of love, faith and obedience or a song of fear, ego and doubt? Praising the Lord is putting the Lord first. If you are focusing on yourself and your problems too much, you are praising yourself and your problems. Check and see who you are putting on the throne. If Jesus occupies the throne of your life on rare occasions, it’s time you went back to praising Him. Jumpstart the process with actual songs and dance. Yes, praising the Lord is a celebration. Celebrate Him with music and dancing. Praise your way back to Him. Praise Him with your life and you will be fulfilling the most repeated command!

Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 16:28; Psalm 75:1; Ephesians 1:6

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