Have a good day and a God day

One word from God and your life can change forever. One word from God and your day can change for the best. Start your day with a word from God so you can have a “God day.” A God day is a day where God reigns, where God is the focus of your day, a day of peace, a day of joy, and a day of love. I make sure every day that I have a God day and a good day by starting the day with words from God. I start with words from God even before I open my Bible. When I pray in the morning, I read my Bible last. I begin with praise and I magnify the Lord. I lift up His name. I declare how glorious and magnificent He is. I shout His praises. I let my words crush any negative thoughts and any type of worry. I start with words of positive affirmations that are Jesus-centered. How do you start your day? Do you set yourself up for a God day and a good day or do you set yourself up for a tough day? Do you let faith dictate what your day is going to be like or do you allow fear to project sad pictures in your mind first thing in the morning? Set yourself up for success and for peace in the morning. A God day should be every day no matter how you feel and no matter what happens that day.  Stay with God all day by starting with Him early in the day.


When I discovered the power of setting up myself for blessings and for success in the morning, you can imagine how much my life changed. It changed because with the Lord it didn’t matter anymore if things didn’t go my way. Things went God’s way and that realization brought a lot of peace. When you put your day in God’s hands, nothing can harm you. Whatever is meant to hurt you can’t destroy you and you gain a boldness that allows you to deal with anything. Why? You know and believe that God is in control. When you verbalize first thing in the morning that God is more powerful than anything, that God loves you unconditionally and that God will bless you regardless of life’s craziness, you develop a faith that can’t be shaken. It takes practice and it takes patience but the results will be beyond your wildest dreams. Let your faith speak up when your day starts and your fears will get quiet. Let your faith speak up first thing in the morning and your doubts will get time out!


A God day is not a day when you have no problems at all. A God day is a day when we let the Lord reign supreme and trials and tribulations don’t get us down. They are seen as stepping stones for more faith and more blessings. A God day is a day when God keeps coming up. The Holy Spirit keeps bringing Jesus up in our minds and in our hearts. When Jesus is the object of our affection repeatedly, things look different. Joy sets in. Peace keeps visiting us. Praises are a constant song in our hearts and our spirits vibrate to the beat of thanksgiving. A God day is the kind of day that the Lord wants us to have. A God day keeps us in God’s will. God wants us to reflect His light and shine His love around us. A God day keeps love at the forefront. A God day gives us many excuses to pray and it carves out time for us to seek the Lord’s face. My prayer today is that you don’t just have a good day but you also have a God day. Enjoy God today and every day!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 4:25; Matthew 6:33; Colossians 3:2

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