Pray before you go

I have a friend who needs to pray before she spends time with a dear friend of hers. Her friend is a great guy but he can be difficult at times and overbearing but they have a very nice connection. She sees him often so she prays often about their interaction. We now have this saying, “Pray before you go” with my friend. It made me think about how we should always pray before we embark on an adventure. Anything we do can be an adventure so to speak. I am sure you can think of many situations that appear to be adventures to you. The question is, how often do you “pray before you go?” I have set times for prayers but I sprinkle several prayers throughout my day. “Pray before you go” has become a habit. I know it is important because prayer is talking to God. God also wants us to acknowledge Him in all we do. “Praying before we go” is a good way to keep Him abreast of what we do. It doesn’t mean that He has no clue what’s going on. He just loves it when we turn to Him and show Him that we trust Him first. I want to encourage you to always “pray before you go” no matter what you are setting out to do. Let Go know about all you do and He will be involved in all you do!


When we are about to do something, especially when it’s something new, our feelings and emotions can get in the way. We tend to “feel our way” through situations. We rely on our emotions and our impressions a lot. When we have a good feeling about our circumstances, we find ourselves on the winning team but when we have a bad feeling we can be front row on the losing team. Our feelings can steer us in the wrong direction. They can be dictators of our actions and lead us to do the opposite of what the Lord wants for us. Prayer can overpower feelings and emotions. Prayer can open the door to the path that leads to the right answer. Prayer gives God direct access to our situations. He is everywhere and He doesn’t need a key to enter our problems but prayer demonstrates our vulnerability and our dependence on Him. God asks that we rely on Him and not on our own understanding. Prayer is a step towards that needed reliance.


Communication is primordial in all relationships and in our relationship with the Lord, prayer is a necessity. God can do exceedingly more than we imagine. When we pray, we are telling Him that we believe He can do it all and we know we can’t make it without Him. Prayer to God is not a wish. It’s an act of faith. It’s an act of reverence and reliance. It’s saying “Lord, I am about to embark on this adventure but I can’t do it alone. I need Your help. I need Your guidance. I thank You that You are here with me. I thank You that You have taken care of my situation in advance and I give You all the glory because it is all set in Jesus’ name.” It is a request wrapped in the blessed assurance that we were heard. It speaks with words of faith, words of hope, and words of thanksgiving. That’s how prayer expresses itself. Pray before you go, friend. Rely on God. Thank Him in advance and be on your way. With Him you can’t fail!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:12; 1 Chronicles 16:11; 1 John 5:14

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