Dealing with faith blockers

When I drive to work, I always go the same way. From time to time I have to take a detour when the road is blocked. It is blocked when there is an accident or when they are doing construction. The road has some heavy traffic at times so when it is blocked, it causes a bit of panic for drivers during the morning commute. I have learned to go with the flow and not let the roadblocks get me all stressed out. It took a while for me to get to that point but I find it to be the best way to deal with the situation before work. All this roadblock business is a metaphor for my spiritual life. I see faith as the vehicle that gets me places. It helps me navigate around my spiritual journey. Now, roadblocks do happen on that journey. Faith blockers are inevitable but they can be overcome. The key is for me to go a different way and to take the detour outlined by the Spirit of God. Today I want to encourage you to stay calm and collected when facing faith blockers on your journey. Don’t let the roadblocks on your spiritual path get you all stressed out. Find the detours, keep faith as the vehicle even when everything seems to come to a stop and keep enjoying the journey despite the roadblocks.



The first stop on this journey through the roadblocks of faith should be identifying the blockers. There are what I call generic faith blockers. Those blockers are pretty universal and they affect a lot of people the same way. A big faith blocker is the lack of knowledge of God. Not being familiar with the Word of God is a big blocker. Our faith can only be based on what we hear and what we hear should be coming from the Word of God otherwise we are feeding our fears more than our faith or we are developing faith in the wrong foundations. If I spend a lot of time on social media, I can be feeding my faith the wrong information. What I “hear” from social media grows root in me and creates a system of beliefs that are often not founded in God. This is just an example but whatever we “hear” the most or we give the most attention to will feed our faith. Our faith can be blocked because it is not getting the amount of God’s Word it needs to avert roadblocks.



Fear, self-righteousness, lack of love, lack of prayer time and praise time are other common faith blockers. Fear will just make you go around in circles. Fear pays more attention to the problems than it does to God. Fear is also having more faith in ourselves to take care of the problem and realizing we can’t do it but we still don’t seek God’s help. If you sum up the faith blockers I just mentioned, you see that they equate to decentralizing God as I like to call it. It’s the act of not having the Lord at the center of what we do. It’s dethroning God, if you wish. When that happens, faith is all plugged up and blocked. God has to be in the middle of the road for us to be able to overpass the roadblocks. We need to put Him before us, behind us and on all sides. Allowing Him to stay in the driver’s seat will also contribute to avoiding faith blockers that are in the way. God knows what He’s doing. He knows the way and He knows how to lead us. Let’s recognize the roadblocks on our journeys and let’s magnify the One who is in charge of traffic. There are no blocks too big for our God!


Suggested reading: Psalm 34:17-18; 2 Corinthians 1:3-4; 1 Peter 5:7-10


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