Let God interrupt you

I have mentioned before how much I love praying. It has been a habit for many years and it is as important to me as eating and drinking are on a regular basis. It is nourishment for my soul and my spirit and it gives me a chance to hear from God. If my prayers tend to be long, it’s not because I try to use many words. It’s usually because the Lord interrupts me. He doesn’t do it forcibly. I let Him interrupt me. I yield to His Spirit. I pause and listen. Prayer is all about Him. It’s not about me so I need to let Him say what He wants to say. He has a lot to say. His Spirit reminds us of what is written in His Word. He also leads us into the knowledge of who God is. The Holy Spirit speaks in many ways. He uses words, actions and experiences among other things. He is not limited to one form of communication. Hearing Him speak through the means of communication that He chooses is a skill that is not as complicated to gain as we might think. The Bible tells us that we can hear from God. It is in our Christian DNA. It might not come as naturally as other things but it is there and with faith it comes easily. Today I want to encourage you to let God interrupt you and listen to what He has to say. Take a break from your routine and let Him interrupt the flow of your daily activities by injecting the flow of His daily wisdom and love. He doesn’t interrupt us only when we pray. He can blend into anything all day and speak volumes of peace, love and joy.



When God interrupts us, He makes a statement. Like I said before, His statement is not always in words. It can be a demonstration of His love. He can interrupt a difficult situation if we let Him. We can let God interrupt our pain and suffering by allowing Him inside that circle of agony. How do we do that? By faith we can see Him intervene and a good step towards that intervention is the step of speaking His Word over our situation. Declaring the power of the blood of Jesus and declaring His faithfulness will break that vicious circle of pain. God responds to His Word being spoken in faith and He will gladly interrupt your problem. He will barge in with love and change things around. Remember that there is nothing impossible to Him. He can interrupt anything and make it all better. He has absolutely no limits and He wants you and me to expand the limits of our faith so that we can receive more because the amount of blessings He has for us is greater than a hundred times the amount of minutes we have spent worrying about our problems.



God’s interruption during prayer is another form of interruption and it is what I call a clear intervention. It is clear because I can hear His words and suggestions well since I am already positioned for them by being in prayer. It is as if I entered a private sphere where it’s all about God and He can just show up and talk as much as I let Him talk. I do the talking first and then I let Him put a stop to my words so I can pick up His words. He is gentle and He is loving so He doesn’t get His way in with thunder and lightning but it is obvious when He is talking because what He says agrees with His Word and it is wrapped in a blanket of love and kindness. Prayer should be about hearing from God and not just having the last word. God should always have the last word and He should be admired, adored and honored. I often tell Jesus that I am honored to be talking to Him and to hear from Him. I tell Him it is an honor that I even have the time to communicate with Him and I thank Him for His time. My prayer is that you and I always let God interrupt us and let Him have His way. He knows best. He knows what to say and He knows how to say it. Let God speak to you through all His means of communication. Pray that you can hear Him. You will hear a lot more than you can imagine when you pray!


Suggested reading: John 10:27-28; Romans 10:17; Hebrews 4:12


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