When we stop arguing with God

I have friends who love to argue. They don’t really fight but they get together and have debates about anything and everything. They usually discuss political developments, the economy, religion, the latest trends, love or anything that they can argue about. Their heated discussions can take a long time but they never become enemies at the end of their debates. They are good friends who like to disagree with each other and even question each other. The other morning before prayer I heard deep down inside “People including Christians, including you, argue with God.” The way we argue with God is not always in an open heated argument. We don’t sit at a table and start debating with Him. We argue in our thinking, with our words and with our actions. Anything we think, do or say that questions God is a form of argument. It’s very subtle and it is often veiled by our lack of perception but it is there. Doubt is a big way of arguing with God. Better said, embracing doubt is arguing with God. I need to stop arguing with God. I need to be on His side in everything and not just in the most obvious things. Today I want to encourage you to find out when you are debating with God and to stop arguing with Him. I am on the same boat and I know without a doubt that those arguments need to stop and they can stop.


If life were a debate with two parties, I would make sure I stood with God’s party. This is not a political statement at all. By standing with His party, I just mean being on God’s side by loving Him, following Him, letting Him change me and imitating Him the best way I can. The goal would be to stay on God’s side no matter how heated the debates get. This life debate metaphor does take place. When something bad happens, it’s easy to switch sides and start questioning God and even get angry at God. There were times when I couldn’t understand what was going on in my life and why God allowed certain things to happen. I was very good at arguing with God and the arguments alienated me from Him. Giving a voice to our frustration, our disappointments and our anger is not a way to vent that will make us feel better. It is destructive, counterproductive and harmful on many levels. The enemy has always argued and opposed God and he wants us to join him in his movement of rebellion.


Arguing with God and rebelling against Him can be an overt decision to not follow His will. It can always be in the form of not heeding the prompting of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God prompts us to walk in love, to help others, to do the right thing, to pray, to praise, to be thankful and to nurture His fruit. Anything that glorifies the flesh is an expression of an argument against God. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak*. This verse is the answer to the dilemma brought about by the debates. If we maximize on what helps our spirit come to life more than our flesh, it’s half the battle. It’s doing our part to stay spiritual and God will do the rest. To put an end to the arguments, we ought to try our best to know God better. He is extremely lovable and it is difficult to argue with someone we love. The questioning, the why, the how, the doubts will cease as we get closer to God. Many answers are in His Word. His Word settles many matters. Let’s stop arguing with God. Let’s argue with the enemy by walking in love. Let’s argue with the enemy by walking in faith. Let’s give a chance to God to argue for us when life gets heated and the enemy is being aggressive. God will always have the final say!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 2:11; Matthew 26:41*; 2 Thessalonians 3:3

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