God is taking care of you today

With God there is always hope of a better tomorrow, of a brighter future but hope is also here now. God is the God of the now because He is with you and me right now. He is going to do amazing things for you tomorrow and the days that follow but He is also doing great things today. He wants you to embrace what He is doing now. He wants you to see that you are blessed today. Your blessings are not reserved for tomorrow. They have been allotted to the present and they will continue to show up in the future. They are not starting in the future. They have been following you and they have stayed with you. You might be going through a hard time today. The pain might be unbearable but the Lord is nonetheless taking care of you today. God is with you at this very moment and He is blessing you now. Jesus died on the cross and rose again so that you would have life in abundance.


There is an abundance of love, peace, joy, breakthroughs, spiritual awakenings and blessings in the life you are living now because Jesus supplied it. He took care of it and you can receive it now. Faith is the bridge between you and your blessings. Believe that God is taking care of you now. God is taking care of your every need. Make sure you hear that repeatedly and let it sink in. God is taking care of you today. He has all it takes to bless you, to promote you, to grow you, to assist you, to deliver you, to heal you, to increase you, to love you and to change your world today! Don’t just expect to see what is rightfully yours tomorrow. Expect to see it now. God is taking care of every part of you today!


When I was first made aware of God being in the now, that concept clashed with my thinking quite a bit. I had trained my mind to think that God would show up later. I believed that His hand would reach down and bless me tomorrow or next week. I was good at thanking Him for what was to come. I still believe it is a great habit to thank Him for what He is about to do but there is a need to thank God for today. Thanking Him for where we are now is beautiful. Screening our lives and acknowledging that He is active in our lives now is powerful.


Loving what we have and embracing the good that is happening in our lives is a great spiritual habit. Love is the head of the spiritual body. It leads faith, joy, peace, kindness and the other members. Every member of our spiritual bodies has a great significance but love is the most important one. We should then think and act with our spiritual head and let love be expressed all the time including today. Let’s love what the Lord is doing today. Let’s love the Lord for who He is. Let’s love Him for taking care of us today. Let’s not wait until tomorrow to show love to God. He is God today as well!


When someone takes care of us, we usually show our appreciation and we love them for what they do. When you appreciate what God is doing for you today even if you don’t see it, it opens your eyes to what He is doing. Thank Him for the air you breathe, thank Him for the time you have today to be with Him. Thank Him that He never leaves you nor forsakes you and He is with you today. If nothing else, thank Him for loving you today and you will see His love manifested. Thanksgiving is an expression of faith and faith moves the hand of God. Thank God that He is taking care of you.


God is preparing you today for greater things in the future. He is talking to you today. Pray. Listen. Tune in. Thank Him for what He is revealing today. He is telling you how much He loves you and that He is helping you. Thank Him that the Holy Spirit dwells in you. Speak faith over today and thank Him for your breakthrough and your miracle that are taking place today. Instead of using the future tense, use the present tense when you pray or when you praise Him. Praise the Lord of today. He is present. He is Almighty and His Almighty presence is with you right this minute. God is taking care of you as we speak!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 3:22; Psalm 23; Hebrews 13:6


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