And the rest will follow

I recently wrote a nugget of wisdom that resonated with me. I will be sharing it in a couple of weeks but the gist of the message is that when we do our part, God makes sure the rest follows. When we believe and trust in the Lord, the rest follows. When we believe, we are in alignment with Him. We decide to trust Him and we demonstrate that we are ok with whatever He does in our lives. You see, trusting God means agreeing with His plan, embracing His will and letting Him be in control. It’s like taking a leap and knowing that no matter where we land, He will be there to catch us. Everything aligns and works out for the best. We have nothing to worry about. The only place we need to put our energy is in serving Him and enjoying Him. Today I want to remind you that when you believe in God and you are walking in love, the rest will follow. When you communicate with Him daily, the rest will follow. When you rub your spirit against His, the rest will follow. What does rubbing one’s spirit against the Holy Spirit look like? It’s a friction that ignites the fire of the Lord. That friction allows for great spiritual things to happen. That friction is the starting point for a series of spiritual blessings that will transform you, that will change the way you see life and that will allow you to make a change in the lives around you. Stay close to God and the rest will follow!



The Holy Spirit is joyful.  He is at peace. He is full of faith. He is made of love. He is beyond kind. He has self-control. Goodness is His middle name. Patience is His nickname and gentleness defines Him. Now picture someone in the natural who has all those traits. After spending a lot of time with that person you can’t help but becoming a bit like that person. The person’s traits start rubbing off on you. The same is true for the Holy Spirit and because you are a believer, He is in you. How come I am not experiencing all these wonderful traits you might be wondering? This is where the nugget I was referring to earlier comes in handy. In order to see the traits manifested, we ought to get them jumpstarted. How? First remember that they are in you because the Spirit is in you but you might be suppressing them with your mindset, your holding on to past bad experiences, your lack of knowing who the Spirit is. Free will to do your own thing might also be in the way. To jumpstart the whole process, you must basically “fake it till you make it.”  It is all inside of you. It is all there so you have an idea of what it looks like. Bring what is inside to life but kick starting it. Do your part and the rest will follow. Do your part and the Lord will assist you.



I might sound like a broken record but starting off the day with lots of positivity is crucial. By doing so, I jumpstart the fruit of the Spirit and the Lord does the rest. I let my spirit rub against the Holy Spirit. My morning declarations of joy, love and peace have a lasting impact on me. I used to do it on a smaller level but now I give it all I have at 5 in the morning. I fake it till I feel it and I always, always feel it. It has made a huge difference in my life. Rubbing elbows with the greatest and the best One is phenomenal. I get to His level. I level up with the Lord by expressing joy and inviting peace and love into my day early in the morning. Friend, you have to give it a shot. Do it and keep doing it. The Holy Spirit is joyful, happy, full of life, full of laughter and you can have those great moments with Him. He will do the rest when you give Him a little bit. Show Him your faith by reaching out with a burst of joy in the morning. Do jumping jacks or whatever it takes to pump you up. Get pumped up for Jesus. He will increase your joy, multiply your peace and give you more love than ever before. Seek the kingdom first and the rest will follow*.


Suggested reading: Psalm 84:11-12 Matthew 6:33*; Luke 12:31

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