Does God have a solution for everything? Does He have a remedy for all ailments physical, emotional, spiritual or mental? He proclaims in His Word that He does and I believe that He does. I truly think that if we are going to believe in God, we ought to believe all the way or at least try to get as high as possible on the ladder of trust. It’s a ladder we can climb as we grow in faith and moving closer to the top should be one of our life goals. God heals. He says it in His Word. He doesn’t lie and He doesn’t say anything He can’t back up with the truth. The truth is who He is. He is unchangeable and unshaken but yet we can’t seem to get to the whole truth. We have limited versions of the truth and those versions usually don’t include healing as a category.



Jesus showed that He could heal and the only thing that was able to stop Him from healing was lack of faith. He won’t force His will on anyone. Healing is one of His specialties. He is the Doctor for all aches and pains. He is the best doctor there is. We can decide to accept His prescription and get better or we can decide to shy away from His truth and not expect to get better through Him. As the ultimate doctor He has powerful recommendations. His Word is what He prescribes because He knows it can heal. The Bible is doctor-recommended for all sorts of crises, discomfort, spiritual confusion, physical troubles and trials. His Word is medicine. He is the healer and He can do all things. Let’s stretch our faith in healing. Let’s climb the ladder as high as we can and trust that what is tormenting us can be cured by the Lord. Let’s start with the number one doctor-recommended prescription; a regular dose of the Word of God.



Medicine is defined as the practice of the diagnosis, the treatment and the prevention of disease. The idea is usually to avoid surgery. The Bible is described as medicine. It helps diagnose, treat and prevent disease. I wouldn’t limit the scope of Bible healing properties to physical healing. It is medicine for the soul, the spirit and the body. I have noticed that the Word of God starts with our soul. It brings healing to our soul by curing our emotions and leveling up our feelings. Spend an hour reading the Word of God and you will start feeling better on the inside. Read the Bible prayerfully and you will see a great positive impact on your spirit. God’s Word soothes the soul and energizes our spirit. Sometimes physical healing starts on the inside.



They say that joy and laughter are good medicine. You can get both from the Lord and from His Word. Jesus is the Word. He is medicine. He can heal you by giving you the joy and the laughter you need. The Holy Spirit gives more joy than the world knows exists. A good dose of the Word of God is a good dose of the Lord. When you keep on receiving doses of the Word, you receive the Lord and you receive medicine. He will often supply it through His Spirit by filling you with joy and laughter. If you experience the absence of joy and laughter, you might be missing the point of who the Lord is all about. You might not be following His recommendations carefully. You might be using the Word as a placebo and not as the medicine that it truly is.



If you are looking for some type of healing today, I encourage you to take in as much of the Doctor’s recommendation as possible. Get some healing for your soul first. Get to a better emotional place. It’s hard to work your way through faith when your emotions are ruling you. Let the Lord calm you and bring you to a place of peace first. Peace is precious and it is worth a lot. God can do so much in the middle of peace. It’s more difficult to see God in the middle of chaos and confusion. My prayer for you today is that you get to know the Lord who still heals today. I pray that your faith in healing increases and that the eyes of your spirit are open wide enough for you to see that God is still the best doctor around and He will bless you and heal you. As your faith grows so will your healing. Stay encouraged!


Suggested reading: Proverbs 17:22; Matthew 9:12; James 5:15

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