Join the party

This message is going to sound like a message I have written before but I feel the need to reiterate the gist of it. There is a celebration in Heaven. There is joy and bliss that is overwhelmingly amazing. It is happening now and it will never stop. The Lord is the focus of that celebration and He is the One everyone is glorifying in Heaven. There is no idolization of other people. There is no elevation of anyone or anything above Him. He is the center that blesses everyone around Him. All the ones who are adoring Him are receiving peace and partaking in the euphoria. We know that because of salvation we will eventually join that party. It is a legitimate thought and it is something to look forward but as partakers of salvation, we are entitled to join that party now. It is not for later. You and I can join the party today. It doesn’t mean that we are going to Heaven now but we can enter the party now and join in on the celebration. Salvation has already started. It is not just dependent on our going to Heaven. Today I want to invite you to join the party. I want to encourage you to enjoy the benefits of your salvation now. Jesus came to give us an abundant life and that life is now. By abundance I am not necessarily referring to prosperity and money. There is a spiritual abundance available through Christ. Everything good and spiritual is part of salvation. Today we can experience the euphoria that characterizes the celebration of Heaven. Let’s celebrate the Lord now despite our circumstances. Life will never be totally perfect as long as we are here but it can be very enjoyable and very fulfilling today


The Holy Spirit is the One who connects us to Jesus. He promotes the Lord more than anyone else. Celebrating Jesus without the Holy Spirit is like having a party without a host or having a party without the main guest being present. It is hard to get to know the Lord without going through His Spirit. His Spirit has the essence of Jesus. His Spirit is One with Jesus and the Father. His Spirit knows it all and He can lead us all in the understanding of who Jesus is. Celebrating someone we barely know is not all that exciting. It is feasible but it can feel a bit empty. Have you ever been to a party someone was invited to and they brought you along even though you didn’t know the host? There is a feeling of unease or of not being in the right place when that happens. It’s like crashing a party and trying to make the most of it but a piece is missing. My point is that thanks to the Spirit of Jesus we can gain a greater understanding of who the Lord is and we can attend His celebration wholeheartedly with anticipation, trepidation and the joy that comes with being a welcome guest to a party.


You and I are invited to celebrating the Lord today. We are expected to do it and we are very welcome to do it. There is no time like today to join that party. There is no place like wherever you are now to have that celebration. You can join the party from anywhere. You can be touched by the joy of celebrating the Lord right here right now. The Lord wants you and I to leave the sinister time we are going through. You might be afflicted by pain caused by your circumstances but with the Lord you can exit that sad party and enter His party. All you have to do is tell Him that you are tired of where you are now. Tell Him that you desire to be at a place where your heart is circling around Him, dancing with joy and bouncing around with exhilaration because He is there with you. Ask the Lord to get you into the party. Ask His Spirit to usher you into a joyful place. When you pray to the Lord, He hears more than you can express. His Spirit knows exactly what you need and how you can get it. Believe that all this joy that is in Heaven is at the doorstep of your heart and that the Holy Spirit has the key. Let’s the celebration begin! Join the party today. Don’t wait until things get better to dance to the beat of Heaven. Bring Heaven here with your singing and your dancing. Enjoy celebrating the Lord!


Suggested reading: Psalm 150; John 15:11; Philippians 4:4

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