Having coffee with God

I have a friend who often talks to me about her morning routine and one of the highlights of her mornings is her coffee with Jesus. She has this beautiful habit of slowing things down in the morning and just being with God while having her first cup of coffee. When was the last time you had “coffee with God”? Coffee here is not the important part. The idea is to pause and take the time to be at peace and to be with God. It’s the principle of setting time aside to just be with God. Drinking coffee first thing in the morning is something that many people do because they need the boost of energy, they just love coffee, they need a hot drink to get things going or they do it out of habit. The reasons for having coffee that I just described are all great reasons to spend time with God in the morning. He will give you a boost of energy, He will show you He loves you, He will keep your heart warm and He will become a habit. Jesus set time aside to be with the Father. He had His coffee moments with God all the time. He modeled this important habit. There is no better time than time spent being mindful of God. Today I want to talk about “having coffee” with God, having your morning beverage of choice with God so to speak. Some people have 3 or more cups of coffee a day and no time for God. Some people meet to have coffee and enjoy each other’s company but they don’t have time for God. Let’s have more and more coffee moments with God. Let’s slow down and enjoy His company. Let’s be aware of His presence and savor it more than we savor our morning cup of Joe. Let’s make it a cup of Jesus!



There is something very spiritual about taking the time to stay in the moment. When you sit at your table with a cup of coffee and all you do is focus on the peace and quiet you will enjoy the moment. Now when you add an awareness of the Lord in the moment, it’s extra special. It’s a beautiful moment. Enjoying Jesus for His presence even though you don’t see Him is an expression of faith and trust. The Lord is in no rush. He is not in a hurry and He wants us to take the time to enjoy every minute that He is giving us. We are so used to rushing around and getting places that we forget to look at the place where we are now. We are more interested in where we are going that we miss the beauty of the journey. The Lord invites us to His table. He has a seat reserved for every one of us and a hot beverage full of His love is waiting for us. The question is, are we going to reply to His invitation? Are we willing to take the time to sit down and be with Him or are we more preoccupied by the events around us? We should make Him the main attraction.



The Lord is the intimate friend who takes the time to listen to us. It doesn’t matter what’s on our hearts. It doesn’t matter what crosses our minds. He is there to listen and He is there to help. Having coffee with the Lord is synonymous to unloading on Him. He can take it. He can handle anything we need to tell Him. He is all ears and He is all smiles. The coffee is just an excuse to talk to Him. It’s an appeasing excuse and He is ready to give us even more peace as we confide in Him. Remember that the simple act of having coffee is a metaphor for the powerful act of being still and seeking the Lord’s face. That cup is a symbol of tranquility that we access when we zero in on Him. Take your cup, friend. Hold on to the serenity of the Lord and bask in His presence for a while. Have coffee with the Lord every day. Have your 3 or 4 cups a day. Keep going back to Him throughout the day. He will calm your soul and He will invigorate your spirit. The Lord has set a table before you. Accept His invitation. Thank Him and take a seat. The perfect listener will talk to you and share His wisdom. Enjoy a cup of Jesus on the regular!


Suggested reading:  Psalm 23; Psalm 46:10; 1 Thessalonians 4:11


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