Show up just the way you are

I found out at an early age that some people will just never accept you the way you are. Some people are good at saying “Change and then I will like you more.” I have seen that in schools, at work and in the church as well. There is a mentality that dictates that people should be the way we want them to be or the way the world says they should be. Showing up at many people’s doorstep will not get you into their lives if you are not wearing the right outfit so to speak. Is that what the Lord says? Is that what the Bible talks about? Is this one of religion’s fabrications or is it a message from the Gospel? The Lord says, “Come as you are.”  He says “Show up as you are. Don’t worry about your outfit. Don’t change the way you look. Just show up and come in.” He doesn’t believe in the Christian mold that only accepts people on their Sunday best with everything all figured out. The Lord has everything figured out for you and He will teach you and guide you through the mysteries of who you are. He is no respecter of people. He doesn’t love your neighbors more than He loves you. I am here today to encourage you to show up at the Lord’s doorstep as you are. Show up and go in. Show up as you are and know you are loved. Don’t let anyone tell you that God would love you more if you were more like them. Don’t let anyone tell you that God wants you to change and then He will love you more. That’s emotional and spiritual bullying. The Lord is not a bully. He is a nurturer and a giver!


Feeling like you are not good enough is a destructive feeling meant to damage you on the inside so you never reach your potential on the outside. It’s a tactic of the enemy that has been spreading through all walks of life for a long time. It is the opposite of what God does. God’s tactic is to build us up and to show us how much He loves us all. The enemy tries to put an end to that because he knows that the children of God will thrive when they understand that they are loved and when they stay in the Father’s arms. If the enemy can make us believe that we will never be good enough for God, he has us exactly where he wants us. He puts us in a mental jail that is hard to break. He starts by making us buy into the idea that we are not good enough for other people. Then our reasoning is, “How could God love me if I am not good enough for my peers?” God is beyond our peers. God is above everyone. He has a pair of eyes that can’t compare to the blind eyes of the world. He doesn’t see color, He doesn’t see gender, He doesn’t see any of the human standards that we impose on each other. The only color He sees is the color of love and He uses it as the filter that makes us all look beautiful and amazing.


Friend, don’t be afraid to go to God. Show up and just be yourself. Show up and just give yourself. Show up and show Him that you love yourself. Show up and let Him teach you how to love yourself. Show up and let Him show you what love is all about. Show up and be loved. Show up and bring your burdens with you. Show up and unload on the Lord. Show up and ask. Knock on His door and He will let you in. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you have done and where you have been as long as you show up. Be bold enough to knock on His door even when people around you are trying to put you at the end of the line. You deserve His love. There is nothing the Lord wouldn’t do for you. There is nothing the Lord wouldn’t give you. Show up just the way you are. The Lord loves you as you are. He made you in His image and not in the image of your peers. You are welcome into His house. He has a table set for you. A peaceful bed to lie on and a warm place where you can be yourself and enjoy yourself in Him. Show up today and every day. The Lord will let you in each and every day!

Suggested reading: John 3:16; Romans 5:8; 1 John 4:8

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