God has made a way for you

The Lord has made a way for you. He has planned an amazing pathway for you. He has given you the Book that delineates the way for you. He has given you His Spirit that mapped out the way for you. He has given the tools to make it and the power to walk His way. There is power in what you say. There is power in what you think and what you do. As long as you stick with God’s way, there will always be a way. Obstacles and gloomy circumstances will always try to darken the way but remember the Lord died and rose again and made a way. His way cannot be destroyed and erased. He destroyed the ways of the enemy and He erased death so that your way may be a great way to live. Today I want to encourage you to embrace God’s way for your life. Let your words, your thoughts and your actions dictate the way you are going to live your life. Let God’s way be the way of life that you adopt. Stay in God’s lane. Follow His ways. Walk in His path. Stay there with all your mind, your soul and your heart. God has made a way and it’s changing the way your life is going to go. Let it go God’s way.


The Lord knows what’s coming up for you. He knows every pothole, every bump and every green light that are coming up. He is not surprised by anything that will happen to you when you are on the way. He knows that you will make it despite your circumstances. Trust that He will handle every bump on the road. Trust that He can get you out of a ditch and bring you back up to the surface. He won’t let you drown in the quicksand of life. He won’t let you get lost on your way. He has paved the way for great blessings that will replace every setback. He has got your back and He will get you to your destination. Don’t let the crooked roads make you lose hope. The Lord will make every path straight. Don’t be intimidated by the roadblocks that delay your journey. There is a reason behind the madness. Things might look confusing and crazy but the Lord will make sense of all the wild roads that will try to make you lose your way. You might stumble and you might fall but the Lord has a restorative plan for you that will put you back on your way in no time.


Being in harmony with the Lord is crucial. Telling Him “Your way and not my way” is important. Walking at His pace is primordial. He has created a way that will keep you at a pace where you will be walking in love and running in faith. God’s way is the best way. When you are in agreement with His way, your faith will allow you to take off in ways you never knew existed. Faith gives you wings to fly and legs to run faster than you can imagine. God’s way has many stops where you can rest. His rest stops are invigorating and refilling. Take advantage of the rest stops and get some rest in the Lord. Fly when He says you can fly and rest when He tells you to rest. Go His way. Forget what your mind is saying if it’s contradicting His ways. Friend, the way the Lord has made for you is fantastic. It will blow you away. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in the Lord’s way. Ask Him to keep you in His way. Be willing to go God’s way. Put down your past expectations and take on God’s expectations. They will help you navigate His way. Enjoy this amazing week. God has paved the way!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 43:19; Romans 8:31; 1 Peter 5:7

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