God will melt your problems away

Spring is almost here and temperatures are going up. There is still snow left where I live but a lot of it is melting. It could take weeks for all of it to melt but there is no doubt that it will melt at some point. Some people wish that it would melt sooner than later. It will melt. It will happen. Snow can be compared to a pile of cold events that are taking place in our lives. They are sitting there outside our homes waiting for us every time we go out. Those events and situations leave us cold and keep us in freezing mode, a mode where there is little advancement and little hope of warmth. God is in the business of melting snow. He can melt all those events and tear down the piles of bad situations. If you are still experimenting a cold winter right now, know that God will melt your snow. He will turn your coldest days into happy days. He will raise the heat of joy so the snow of sadness can melt and go away. Your time is coming. God has not forgotten about you. This bad season is about to end. Your snow will disappear. Your cold days will be no more. Look to the sun. Look to the Son. He is already changing the temperature around you. He won’t leave you out in the cold. His plan for warmth is effective and it is going to work. God is about to melt your problems away. Stay encouraged!


You have probably noticed how hard it is for snow to melt when all the right conditions are not in place. When the sun is out, the temperatures are rising, snow can melt just like that. A big pile can become a tiny heap of melted snow in no time. Your problems, your trials and your tribulations are like that pile of snow that can melt when all the right conditions are met. What are the right conditions? Some of them are out of our control. A main condition is God’s timing. You can’t make things move faster or slower. Only God has the perfect time and His time will come. That is one thing you need to remember. God’s timing is perfect timing even when He seems to be late. He knows why the right time is at the appointed time that He has chosen. There are conditions that are beyond what we can understand and it is best to trust God with the timing. If your snow melts too soon, it could create a flood. The flood could block the flow of your blessings or the flow of someone’s else’s blessings. You don’t want an overflow of the leftovers of what was causing you pain. You want the problems to melt and leave no trace. How many times have you been left with scars because things happened the wrong way? There is an order and a perfect timing to all things and the Lord hold both in His hand.


God can melt all your problems away. Now your job is to trust that He is stronger and brighter than your problems. He is more powerful than the sun and He has the ability to crush all evil in no time. Your problems can’t stand in His way. Your problems can’t stand His light. His light is going to melt your dark places. There is too much brightness in the Lord for the darkness to stay. God will get rid of the piles of misery for you. Faith and patience are two perfect conditions that allow the melting process to occur. Stay in faith and feed your patience. Enjoy life as you are waiting. Don’t focus on the snow. Don’t dwell on the cold weather. Stay warm in the house of the Lord. Stay focused on the Lord. Better days are coming. Warmer days are coming. You are going to walk in the fields where the snow has melted and it is completely gone. You are going to breathe the fresh air of joy and take strolls celebrating the Lord and sowing love where you go. God is melting your fears. God is melting the pain. God is melting the troubles. God is melting your bad circumstances. Let Him shine in your life. Let Him keep you warm. Stay close to Him. Spring is here and soon your piles of snow will be gone. Keep the faith!

Suggested reading: Psalm 27:1; James 2:16; 1 Peter 5:6-7

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