Start a love revolution

I have always been fascinated by how much Jesus loved people when He was on earth. He still does and His love will never end but the accounts I have read in the Bible have been very inspiring, comforting and motivating. Jesus is the perfect example when it comes to love and when it comes to everything for that matter. He is just the best at everything. Love is a lesson He teaches us in His Word. We are to love and to be love just the way He is. He is no respecter of people but sometimes the Church makes it sound like Jesus loves believers more than non-believers. People have complained about how the message of the Gospel gets diluted by church leaders who don’t present the whole truth. I think the message is diluted when love is not at the forefront of the interpretation of the Word of God. I believe that if there were one thing I was asked to retain from the Bible, it would be the pure message of love. Love is what is missing in many circles. Love is warped and contaminated. It has been polluted by stereotypes, preconceived notions and ideologies that exalt man’s ideas over God. It saddens me when I hear people say they couldn’t find a place in the Church. I know people who left the Church because they didn’t fit the mold. They were not Christian material according to what people preached to them through their actions and their behaviors.



You and I can be advocates for love. We can be the pillars that hold the inside of the Church with love instead of the ones who make it fall apart because of the walls of judgement and hate. Those walls will eventually make everything tumble and the Lord will have no part with such negative disposition. I could write every day about what the Lord can do for us, write encouraging messages and promote hope but I wouldn’t be doing God justice if I didn’t mention the hope we should have in love. We ought to let love rise up. There is hope for sure that we can be instrumental in the uprising of love. We can start a love revolution on many levels. None of us is too small to carry the cross of love and spread positivity around. Could it be that we should be putting more effort in developing love than in gaining riches? Love makes us spiritual billionaires. It is worth all the money in the world and more. Why? It expresses Jesus and the world needs the Jesus of love! The only real Lord and Savior. It is impossible to love exactly like Jesus loves. Caring for people with every beat of His heart is not conceivable. However, we have a fraction of His heart. His heart is bigger than the universe so a fraction of it goes a long way. You and I have the fractions that make a difference. We have the beating hearts whose rhythm can erode the hatred in this world. Beat by beat we can form the heart of Jesus if we join forces and march for love instead of bickering over nuisances and differences.



We are all different. God made us different. The color of our skins is a stamp from God that marks the beauty in variety. We were made in the image of God so all of us put together reflect our amazing creator. If we stopped pointing out other people’s mistakes and started highlighting everyone’s uniqueness in God, we would paint a much more beautiful picture of humanity. The way we sometimes talk about others and portray them is an ugly painting that we have to stop projecting. God is love. We have God in us and it is time we started waking up the love that has been dormant for so long. We let it shine at times but we put it under a bushel way too often. Jesus talked to everyone. He had no problem mingling with those that society rejected. He was there to love and to listen to people. His love transcended everything. The world today needs more of that love. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever so that love is available. It is just waiting for vessels that are willing to host it and spread it. Will you be that vessel of love? Will you be the love that the world needs? Spread the love. Spread Jesus. Be that love. The world needs Jesus. The world needs the love that you are. Start a love revolution today!


Suggested reading: 3:3-4; 1 Corinthians 13; 1 Corinthians 16:14

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