The things God can do

You might have read some of my messages about what God can do. The things God can do are mind-blowing. He has no limits and He has no restrictions. He can unleash goodness on us if He chooses to. Our faith can activate His hand but His mercy and grace often come into play and deliver amazing blessings that we don’t deserve. The Lord is good and He is kind all the time. He is kindness personified. He is raw goodness and He is the essence of Love. There isn’t anything He wouldn’t do for you. He is always motivated by love and since love is who He is, His level of motivation is the highest that there is.


You probably wonder sometimes why you don’t see God’s goodness in action in your life. There is a time and a season for everything but God’s goodness knows no season. It is not temporal and it is not reserved for certain periods of the year. It is always present. It might not look like the way you expect it to look but it exists and it doesn’t go away. The closer you get to Him, the clearer His goodness will be. We all need to adjust our vision of God and His goodness. We need to take the kaleidoscope of faith and adjust the colors and shapes of our spiritual eyesight. The things that God can do are not always seen by the naked eye but the eyes of faith see them before they take place.


The things the Lord can do are meant to bless you. They are always performed from a place of love. God keeps love at the center of everything. His love is protective and there have been many times when the Lord has protected you and me from things that we thought we needed or wanted. He won’t grant everything we desire if they are not in agreement with His will and His plan. Some things could look very good to us but the Lord knows there is some danger attached to them and He won’t honor our request to get those things even though they look like a blessing. As real as blessings in disguise exist, there are also curses in disguise. God can remove the disguise, expose the curses and prevent the accidents.


What is the extent of what God can do? I wish I knew the answer to that question. I just know that nothing is too big for Him. There are some great accounts of God’s deeds in His Word. His miracles, signs and wonders testify to His magnitude. God can part the sea of your tribulations and let you walk in dry land. He can turn the water of your sorrow into the wine of joy. He can heal your spiritual blindness. He can multiply the little you give Him. Give God the little you have today and let Him increase it. God can do that. He can multiply and add to your blessings.  God can do the impossible. God can do the unthinkable. That’s what God can do. Remind your mind of His kindness. Remind your heart of His goodness and remind your soul of His love. If anything seems impossible to you today, remind your fear of God’s power. Stir up your faith. God can do anything. Anything!

Suggested reading: Luke 1:37; 2 Thessalonians 3:16; Ephesians 3:20

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