Turn on the light

The Holy Spirit dwells in you and me. God is always present and He resides in us. He is there by our side all the time. The Spirit of Jesus is in us. Think about it. How amazing is that? How amazing that the Lord of Lords would want to not only be with us but within us. Jesus is the light and so the light is in you and me. How come people can’t see the light in us at times? How come it seems hard for some people to see God in us? We need to turn on the light. We need to turn on the Lord so to speak. God doesn’t need our help to shine but we need to let Him come through. We too often block the light. We stand in the way and stop the light from shining. We ought to let the Lord’s light shine brightly so the world can see Him. It shouldn’t be in an effort to ourselves shine but it should be done so that people get to know Him through us. Our relationship with God is not a selfish one. It’s not meant to be enjoyed by us alone. We know Him so that the world can get to know Him as well. Turning on the light is necessary and my message today is an encouragement to turn on the light of the Lord so that He can shine throughout the world!

I have written before that I love the light. I am not a fan of dark rooms. As a kid I couldn’t wait for the sun to rise. That’s how much I loved the light and the sun. The light makes everything clear and visible. The light makes the darkness go away. Jesus, the light, makes everything clear and visible. Darkness runs away when He shows up. Darkness can’t stand the light and the light always wins against darkness. In the natural the light pierces darkness and makes a hole in it. Our Jesus can always pierce darkness and negativity and make a hole in them. We have the light that can make a hole in darkness inside of us but we need to switch it on. Some people have an automatic setting that keeps the light on all the time but it’s not the norm. Those people enter a room and every negativity is pierced right away by the light of Jesus in them. Those people spend time with the Father. They are very-well acquainted with the Lord and they honor the Holy Spirit in them. Let’s be people whose switch is always on. Let’s be light carriers that make a difference in this world.

How do we turn on the light? We first need to identify and find the switch. What is it that triggers the light in us?! Honoring the Holy Spirit and cultivating our relationship with Jesus will cause the light to go on. We can’t expose the light if we don’t know the light. If we don’t know Jesus, we won’t be able to deliver Him to the world. Yielding to the Spirit of Jesus will turn on the light. Showing love, displaying kindness, dying to self, putting others before us will allow us to turn on the light. We can’t show Jesus with a frown. Harsh words won’t bring on the light. Lack of prayer and praise can keep us in the dark. The light switch is in our hands and we must use it. Being a living testimony to God is a beautiful way to turn on the light. Talk to someone about Jesus. Talk to someone about the Lord through your actions. Imitate the Lord and His light will come on. Give Him first place in all you do and His light will shine brightly. Be positive. Expect great things in the Lord and His light in you will be visible. Keep the joy. Keep the faith. Share the love and you will keep the light on. There is a light in you and it is up to you to let the world see it. Jesus is the light of the world! Turn the light on!

Suggested reading: Psalm 119:105; Matthew 5:16; John 8:12

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