The power of knowing you are off limits

When something is off limits, we can’t have access to it. It’s not for us. There are many things we perceive as off limits. Things that we believe are not meant for us. What God sees as off limits for us is different from what we think is off limits. When we are stuck in our spiritual growth, we see advancement as off limits. When we can’t see how we are going to get out of a bad situation, we see peace as off limits. When we can’t seem to get over a broken heart, we see joy as off limits. When we are battered by life, we see a breakthrough as off limits.



Faith is what allows us to take the limits off. It gives us access to the very thing we think can’t be attained. Faith removes limitations and it gives us God’s perspective. He sees it all in reverse. He wants us to consider see doubt, fear, lack and negativity off limits. We shouldn’t embrace them, we shouldn’t accept them. They should be off limits. Meditate on that thought. Negativity is not something we should be associating with. It should be off limits. Let’s step out of its vicious circle. Let’s put God’s sign around it that says, “Off limits.” Let’s also wear that saying on our (spiritual) forehead as a warning sign to the enemy. You and I belong to the Lord. We are off limits in Jesus’ name.


Faith is our easy access pass to God’s promises. It sees things before they happen. It believes in God’s ability to do anything. It takes us into “the impossible made possible territory.” Faith makes us travel in the land of possibilities. Maintained faith keeps us there. That’s why it is crucial we keep on feeding our faith. Whatever looks impossible to our human side can be achieved through faith. The limitations that are in place in our minds have no power over faith in the Lord. Faith takes back what the enemy has stolen. Faith deletes the limited access to God’s best applications in life. There is an App that is a blessing with your name on it. Faith can get this App for you for free so you can enjoy a new way of life. Faith applies God’s Word and gives us real-life experiences with the Lord. There is nothing the Lord wouldn’t do for you. Get rid of the limited mindset and attach yourself to the unlimited mindset!


Fear does the opposite of faith and the Lord tells us not to fear hundreds of times in the Bible. Fear, doubts and their companions should be quarantined. They should be put in an “off limit” zone. They should be ignored and they should be avoided. Stepping into that zone is trouble but wouldn’t you admit that we visit it way too often? It’s time we drew the line. It’s time we set a barrier between all that negativity and ourselves. How do we do that? Every time we fall into the danger zone, we should declare loud and clear that this territory is off limits. Let’s declare that we have no business being there and that the Lord has us in His territory where negativity died thousands of years ago. Let’s speak against the negative attacks. Let’s speak with authority and put the adversity back in its place, a place where we don’t belong. Our words can set the barometers of those limitations. Let’s confess with faith that we are the Lord’s and the enemy doesn’t own us. We are God-owned. We are off limits!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 18:10; Hebrews 11:1; 1 Corinthians 2:5

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