Running with faith

Faith makes me run. I run and I run and I am not afraid of what’s in front of me. I see trees, I see forests, I see valleys but I keep on running. I jump, I slow down and then I keep running. Faith is my GPS. Faith is my radar. Faith is my compass. It makes me run and I won’t stop. It takes me places I never knew existed or I never thought I would ever visit. Faith pushes me forward and it keeps me going. Faith makes feel in my element. It makes me visit God’s element and it becomes my element. It shows me a new normal. It shows me “God’s normal.” It looks foreign at first but it quickly becomes natural. Faith gets me excited even when I am facing a wall. Faith puts a spring in my step so I can jump over that wall. Faith gives me wings and I fly over bad territories without the fear of falling down and hurting myself. Faith will do that for you and much more. Faith is amazing. It starts with a mustard seed and it grows into a tree of peace, confidence and hope. Plant your tree of faith in God’s land. Let your faith develop as you let it make you run faster than your doubts and your fears. Faith will make you run, friend. Run with it. Let it take you. Let it guide you. Let it lead you. Walk in faith first and then start running. You have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear. Stay in faith and you will go past the roadblocks and the traps of the enemy.


If you are reading this and you are an adult, the first thing you need to do to be able to run with faith is put down your grownup hat and pick up your childhood hat. Revive the mindset of a child. Just accept faith. Be gullible with faith for lack of a better word. Take it as it is. Don’t question God. Don’t second guess yourself. Go hand in hand with faith. Hold on to it like a child who is holding on to his or her Father’s hand. Be that child of God that you truly are. Remove the ideologies and the doctrines that have clouded your adult mind and be a child with God again. Find that inner child, the child who smiles at God and never frowns when he or she hears His voice. Let yourself be carried away by faith. Get on that adventure. Get on the boat of faith. Let the Lord be your captain. Play with the Holy Spirit. He will make you smile and He will make you laugh. There is a child in you that needs to come out. It’s the inner child whose faith is a backbone and God’s Word is spiritual milk that helps him or her grow. The Lord said, “Let little children come to Me.” Go to the Lord. The child in you will always be there. Humble yourself and go to Him. The faith of a child is what you need.




Walking in faith is no catwalk but it gets easier with time. It is like a sport. The more you train, the better you get. Once you have walked for a while, you graduate to the running stage. It’s a stage where faith is a way of life. Desire that stage. Trust that you will get there. The running that you will experience will be automatic. It will become second nature. As a child you had to walk for a while before you could run. Once you could run, all you did was run everywhere. Sometimes you did it with no fear. You went far, so far that you were hard to find. Get lost on the premises of faith. Get to a place where it doesn’t matter what’s around you because you know who is in you and nothing can hurt you. That’s what happens when you run with faith. You know there can be danger but you are not intimidated because the One who lives in you is much bigger than the enemy who lives in this world. There is wonder-working power activated when you run in faith. All you see is the impossible becoming possible. All you know is God is on your side. All you believe is that He is leading your every step. Dear friend, keep walking in faith. You will start running and nothing will stop you. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: John 3:36; Romans 15:13; Philippians 4:12-13


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