Give it to God and enjoy your day!

Yesterday I was dealing with an issue at work and I couldn’t figure out how I was going to get it solved. The problem kept going around in my head until I heard deep down inside, “Give it to God and enjoy your day.” Isn’t it the way we should always react when faced with a challenge? We have God. We have the answer but you choose to perseverate on the problem. It’s always second nature to meditate on the issue instead of meditating on the creator of all solutions. For each problem, God has a solution. For each heap of problems, God has a mountain of solutions. All He asks is that we turn it all over to Him. He wants us to put our problems into His hands. He will handle every matter and straighten every bump on the road of our lives. Giving it all to God allows Him to deal with it all. Today we ought to have the reflex of giving it to God. When things are too big for us to handle, we should hand them over to the One who is too big to fail. In this imperfect world, we have a perfect Lord who excels at everything. His hands are big enough to contain all trials and tribulations and eliminate them in no time. God desires for all of us to enjoy today and letting our problems sit on our minds all day will always rob us of the joy of enjoying the day. It’s time we took back what the enemy has been keeping from us for so long. Let’s be quick to give it to God before it festers and ruins our spiritual health and our emotional well-being.


Kids often let their parents handle things that they can’t deal with. They hand them over to the ones who will make sense of the matter at hand or who can fix the problem. As children of God, we are that kid who can just give it to his or her Father knowing that He will fix it all. That is exactly how we should approach those situations. We can even visualize ourselves putting the problems in God’s hands. We can go to Him with that reasoning, that confidence that He can fix it. Our problems at a drop compared to His ocean of solutions. Every day is packed with challenges but God has a hand He can give us so that our days are lighter. We should let God take the burdens. I unload on God more easily these days. I got tired of carrying weights that didn’t belong to me. I was fooled into believing that the battles were for me to fight and I was taught to rely on myself and no one else. That lesson rarely produced good fruit. It brought about pain, failure, delusion and disappointment. The best lesson I have learned in a long time is to humble myself before the Lord and give Him all my problems. When I was prompted to give it all to God yesterday, a weight came off my shoulders very quickly. Peace came back once I traded my confusion for God’s collision. God’s collision is when we let our problems collide with His goodness, with His power. The problems will always lose against God.




Remember that God is a giver. He will take your problem with one hand and give you a blessing with the other hand. Give your pain, give your fears, give your doubts to God and He will give you relief, faith and peace. Trade in your sorrow for His gladness. Be ready to receive when you give it all to God. He will take your matter into His own hands and deliver more than you can expect with His hand of love. Expect God to fix your problem and expect Him to increase your joy by giving you more than you can imagine. Our generous Lord is ready to give you and He is the king of abundance so open your bucket of faith and let God pour a new life into you. Let God replenish you when life has depleted you. You won’t be empty-handed for long. God will fill your hand with a new appreciation for life and serenity that is unprecedented. Today make the decision to turn everything over to God and stay open to what He is going to do for you. He is the Father who cares about you more than anyone in the world. The good Father will do anything for His children. God will do anything for you. Give Him what is bothering you now and enjoy the day!


Suggested reading: Psalm 20:4; 2 Corinthians 9:9; James 1:17

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