All the things God has done for you

Remembering all the bad things that have happened to us is easy.  Ten good things can happen to us on a given day but we will remember the two bad things that happened that day the most. Our minds do a good job storing memories that made us feel bad or sad. The good memories are there but they are hidden by a pile of depressing thoughts. Pain has a way of making its presence known for a long time. Playing back bad memories is how we revive the pain or we keep it alive. When we keep revisiting the past and we bring it to the forefront of our storage unit in our heads, there is no conquering the pain. We have all known pain on different levels and God has been there as well. Jesus suffered atrocious pain on the cross. Pain that led to death but He conquered death. Pain is on the death team. Jesus is on the living team. All the good that God does is part of the living team.



All the attributes of the Spirit are also on that team. When we adopt the living team mentality, we get to entertain positive thoughts more than bad memories. The living team focuses on life, love, joy, victory, goodness, kindness, blessings and healing. If you are more apt to remembering the good things, you are leaning more toward the living team. With every good memory you keep fresh and alive you get a step closer to detaching yourself from the death team. You are not letting the death team recruit you. Today I want to encourage you to keep what God has done for you to the forefront. Don’t dwell on the past but stay in the present with the memories that defined positive moments in your past. God wants you to remember the good and toss the bad. He wants you to understand your place on the living team and keep the spot the enemy has for you on the death team vacant.



All the things God has done for you merit your attention. They should be used as faith boosters. They shouldn’t be the extent of what you can expect in the future but they can be looked as a foundation. The Lord is the base and the foundation of it all but His goodness displayed in what He does should be recognized. Praising Him for what He has done is great. Praising what He has done over who He is can be tricky because it makes us equate God to actions and things when in reality He is so much more. He is above and beyond the material world. He is in a category of its own. He is outside of time and yet He works with us in our time-sensitive world. He is not limited and what He has done for us stems from His love for us. If God loved us enough to bless us in the past, we can expect Him to bless us again because His love never changes and it will never change. If we focus more on the bad things, we are not focusing on God’s love. We glorify the hate of the enemy over the love of the Savior!



All the thing the Lord has done for you are evidence of His love. They are signs that are pointing in one direction. They point towards hope. Yes, God did it once and His deeds are leading the way for more great deeds. He is not done. God is not done with you. There might be a gap between your last blessing and today but He can do anything today. Jesus bridged the gap between life and death so that we would live and live abundantly. The goodness of God is a manifestation of that bridge. Good things will happen to you before you know it. Things that will blow your good memories out of the water. Hold on to those memories and use them as brushes that paint the portrait of a beautiful future. Great things are on the way and focusing on the bad things will not help your faith. It will take you a hundred steps back and hinder your blessings. All the things the Lord has done for you are just a start. He is going to do more, much more. Keep praising Him. Keep believing. You have seen nothing yet!


Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Hebrews 13:20-21; Philippians 1:6


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