Your story is about to change

We can let life dictate our story. We can let our circumstances narrate our story or we can let God write our story. Our story can be the worst story the world has heard but when God gets ahold of the script, the plot changes completely. Your plot is about to get a makeover because God is getting ready to make changes to the chapters of your life. Your trust in Him and your faith are allowing Him to write a story with everything working out for good. The bad ending that was going to take place is going to be rewritten for God’s glory. God has the final say and He is about to show your circumstances what His love for you is made of. It’s His love that is going to bend the world’s reality in your story and reshape it for the best. You haven’t totally seen how beautiful life is when God is the narrator. He has great days planned for you and His blessings are going to transpire on every page of your life. Your story is about to change. Jesus gave it a twist on the cross. It’s time you saw it come to pass in your life. Your story is not over yet. God is just getting started. Brace yourself for the best story of your life!

God has written pages and pages of your life that the enemy has tried to rip into pieces. The Spirit of God can pick up the pieces and put your life back together. Don’t let the enemy intimidate you with bad days and bad breaks. Bad moments are bound to happen but they don’t mean you have a bad life. Your life is in God’s hands. It’s not fully developed until the Lord has given His two cents. The enemy screams loudly trying to ruin the peace that is within you but the Lord will silence his madness and give you peace that will take you to another level of serenity. Your story is not about failures and losses. It’s about getting back up and walking miles and miles with God on your side. The writer of your best moments is going along with you on this journey called life. Life can drop some heavy weights but the Lord Almighty carries all your burdens and weights. There is a wonderful story of victory that is being designed right now and God is putting the final touch to the exquisite account of His goodness and His presence in your life. The next pages of your life are going to astound you and mesmerize you because of how good your God is to you. Get ready for some exciting adventures down the lane of joy and bliss.

There is joy coming ahead in your story. God is going to put you in a place of absolute triumph. He is going to show up and show off how much He cares about you. The enemy might have torn your life apart but the Lord is going to turn your life around with blessings. Don’t let the grin of the enemy rob you of your joy. Your joy in the Lord will put a smile on your face that no adversity can wipe off. Page after page the Lord is going to prolong the thread of merriment that comes from Him. There is a thread of continuing goodness that God is weaving into your life. Be prepared to see better days. Embrace the plot twists and celebrate the narrator. He is going to take your story into a different direction. You are not going to read the sad story of your life forever. Your story is getting good and God will build a fortress in your life where you will find refuge and strength. A tower that will keep you above all attacks with walls of protection that no one can penetrate. Let God read your story to your heart. Let your heart let Him in. Your story is about to change and God is writing it!

Suggested reading: Psalm 139:16; Isaiah 46:9:10; Ephesians 1:11

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