10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 62)

Speak out of your heart and not out of your mind. Let the Lord fill your heart so your words are full of love, life, peace and joy!

The morning after a defeat should not be mourning. Let the day after be the day you go after joy. Let the day after be your comeback in the Lord. The Lord defeated defeat. Defeat your defeat with the joy of the Lord!

Principles come to life only when they are applied. Principles based on the Lord give you life that applies His laws of love and faith.

A drop of faith is all you need to make it in the ocean of doubt. Keep the drops falling in that ocean and you will turn it into a river of joy in no time!

Jesus is the essence of God. He is God the Son and He is Almighty and all-loving. Get familiar with the Son and you will know the Father. Get to know the Father and you will see the Son!

Practical measures are only beneficial when they practice God’s measures. Measure your practices with God’s way in everything. If God’s way doesn’t fit in what you do, throw the practice away and go back to His way!

Let God deliberate and be the judge. Let God make the decisions. Let God give His opinion. Let God rule. Let God be God in all the debates of your life.

There are fundamental truths that have existed for centuries. There are truths that have been created by men for centuries. There are truths that have been followed for centuries. Those truths can tumble and fall in no time if they have been challenging the fundamental truths of the Lord for centuries.

When your poems use God as a muse, don’t be surprised if they rhyme for no reason. God’s reasoning is foolishness to the world but it is poetry to the ears of the believer!

You are the gorgeous flower the Lord has chosen from a massive bouquet. You are beautiful, full of the fragrance of grace and splendid in all your ways. That’s how the Lord sees you. Don’t let anyone portray you as the ragweed you are not!

Suggested reading: Exodus 14:14; John 8:36; James 4:7

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