When God takes the wheel

I have written a lot about faith and about letting God be in the driver’s seat. Letting God be in control is a good way to sum up what faith is all about. Faith is about trusting Him even when we don’t see what’s coming up ahead of us on the road of life. It’s about believing and sticking with God even when we hit bumps and potholes on that road. It’s about being in the passenger seat and trusting that God can take us anywhere and we are safe sitting next to Him. There have been many instances in my life when I have been in the driver’s seat and I have wanted to do it all on my own. This was true when I didn’t know God as a kid but it still happens from time to time. I am grateful that I have learned to turn the wheel over to Him more and more. Now, I need to say that God has taken the wheel from me many times. It wasn’t my faith that made that happen. It’s His mercy and grace that made Him intervene. God takes the wheel because He cares. God takes the wheel from us because He loves us. When God takes the wheel, our situations change for the best. We could be walking in faith or walking outside of faith but because of His great mercy and grace, He takes control and turns our car around. Today’s message is about recognizing grace and thanking the Lord for it. When God takes the wheel, miracles happen despite us. When God takes the wheel, a redirection occurs and God gets the glory. When God takes the wheel, He puts us back in our place with love and shows us that He is still God and He is still in control.



I remember when I bought my condo about 7 years ago. God took the wheel. I went though the process with little faith. I just went with the flow and I was ok if things didn’t go through. Buying the house I bought at the price I bought it was God’s will and my lack of faith didn’t prevent Him from making things happen. It’s by His grace that I was able to buy the place of my dreams. I visited a lot of apartments and condos and the one I loved was the biggest one and it seemed out of reach but I just decided to go with it. I didn’t have all the paperwork that I needed but God knew how to take care of all the formalities and He gave me favor the whole time. Before I knew it, I had the keys to my dream home and I have loved living there every day since I moved in. God took the wheel with that one. I wasn’t strong in my faith at the time. I had walked away from God but He never left my side and He patiently waited for me to come home. He took the wheel on several occasions and every time it felt like I could see the Lord wink at me and remind me that He was still God. Thank God for His grace and mercy. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for His grace. I can’t count the number of times I couldn’t be trusted with the wheel but He was watching me and protecting me. He cleaned up the mess I made and He gave me the strength to move on and to move forward patiently sitting in the passenger seat.



When God takes the wheel, we get a big burst of His love. When God takes the wheel, we receive blessings that we didn’t deserve. His grace is so amazing and it is available to anyone. Think about it. When you were not saved, God came into your life and by His grace you were saved. People have argued that God doesn’t interact with non-believers but I beg to differ. God can interact with anyone and anyone can get saved. Salvation is a beautiful demonstration of God’s love and grace. When we get saved, we are to give Him the wheel and let Him drive all the time. If you feel like God is not driving your life today, go to Him. Ask for forgiveness and let Him take the wheel. God will also take the wheel when you least expect it so thank Him for His mercy and grace. Don’t use them as excuses to live a life outside of Him. Use them as boosts for your faith and let them be the inspiration for some great testimonies to the Lord’s glory. When God takes the wheel, nothing can stop Him. Praise the Lord for all the times He has taken control when you were out of control!


Suggested reading: Psalm 46:1; Psalm 94:19; Luke 12:22-26





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