You are God’s treasure

I love studying God’s truths and going deep in their study. I love finding all those gems in God’s Word and meditating on them. There are many treasures in the Bible and they should be focused on and prayed about. Treasures are precious. Treasures have a high value. Now, there is a great treasure that the Lord talks about a lot. That treasure is you and me. God loves us so much that He sees us as the most precious treasure there is. He gave His only Son so that we would receive abundant life. He gave His all so that we could reap it all and receive blessings after blessings. God didn’t like that we would be separated from Him because of our sins so He made His Son become the epitome of sins for us. Jesus is the bridge between the Father and us. He was the ransom given for the treasure that we are. Now it is up to us to act like God’s treasure or to see ourselves like perishable goods that have little value. There are many truths we should believe and trust but believing that we are God’s treasure is a door into the realm of God and all His truths. We ought to develop faith in the fact that God adores us. Friend, you are God’s treasure. Live out your life understanding that you are precious to God. Live out your life celebrating the One who treasures you!



A treasure is often guarded and protected. God has put a barrier of protection around us. However, lack of faith and a very actively negative mind can bring that barrier down. Grace can shield us but faith keeps us in “God’s no touch-zone.” The sign that reads “No-touch zone” is directed towards the enemy. If we don’t know or we don’t believe we are protected, the protection won’t do us any good. When I pray, I thank the Lord for the walls of protection and blessings that are around me. I see them when I pray and I am very grateful for them. We are a treasure and God is protecting His treasure. Let’s be on the same page and trust that we are heavily protected and we have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. We are precious to the One who created the universe, Heaven and Earth!



You are God’s treasure and no one will change that. The enemy loves to lie and make us believe that God doesn’t care about us but that is one of the biggest lies ever! God cares and He will treasure you every day. This week is going to be amazing because there is a seed that was planted in you. “You are God’s treasure” is being planted in you as you read this message. See how this truth affects your life. See what it means in everything you do. See how it changes the way you see yourself. You are more valuable than all the gold in this world according to the Lord and you know He is always right. Let that seed grow. Let it increase and multiply. Help others know that they are God’s treasure. The seed doesn’t stop with you. Spread the good news, spread the truth. Sow seeds in all kinds of fields around you. Let the treasures be aware of their value. Let people gain the confidence that they mean everything to God. Be a carrier of the truth and spread God’s love. You are God’s treasure and you are loved, favored and protected!


Suggested reading: John 3:16; Romans 8:38-39; 1 John 3:11


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