God will blow your mind away

Every year around this time I help organize a big food competition at school. Kids make over 100 dishes. It’s a fun event but it is also exhausting. Last year someone suggested that I should enlist the help of parents. It was such a great idea. I met with the PTA for weeks to put this program together and their help was truly God-sent. The food festival took place last week and it was the best one yet. I was able to tap into resources in the community that I never thought I could use. This whole experience made me think about how God assists us when we need Him if we turn to Him. If we enlist His help, He will do much more than we expect. We can tap into His unlimited resources and He will get the right people to help us. He will cause blessings to line up nicely on our path and He will make a way where there is no way. God can do infinitely more than anyone we know. He just needs to be focused on and to be acknowledged in all we do. Today I want to encourage you to turn to God all the time. Ask Him for help. Seek His assistance. Rely on Him. Stir your faith up and confide in Him. What He will do for you will blow up your mind. He will get an army of angels to secure your path. He will open your path so wide that you will be blessed with the best that life has to offer on your left, on your right, in front of you and behind you. God will help you in ways that will defy your understanding! God will blow your mind away! Brace yourself for some mind-blowing experiences with the only God who can do it all.



Getting help is always comforting and valuable. When we can’t do something by ourselves it’s good to have the assistance of someone who can get the job done. God can always get the job done. He can use anyone or anything to help us. He is not limited in any way. Turning to the Creator of the universe is turning to the One who can never fail. He will get the job done and He will do an excellent job. If we think about excellence when thinking about God, we have the right mindset. It is the mindset that leads to miracles. It is the mindset that leads to great blessings. God is above everything. He will take care of our needs and He will do more than we ask for. It’s good to expect the unexpected with God. It opens up our faith and it widens the scope of His blessings. He is much greater than we see Him and He deserves our adoration.  Have we put Him in a box? Are we not seeing the big picture when it comes to God? Are we putting Him in a small frame and that’s why we get passport size blessings? Shouldn’t we let our faith in Him develop like a camera film that has no end? The frame is too big to comprehend but God will give us many memorable picture-perfect moments when we make Him our number one. He is the big number One, King of the impossible. It’s time we let God be as big as He is. We need to modify the way we picture Him. God will blow our minds away when we blow Him out of proportion!



I have had many mind-blowing moments orchestrated by the Lord. Moments when the events that took place came out of nowhere. The Lord is excellent at performing huge miracles that we don’t deserve. He can make us walk on dry land in the middle of an ocean of trials. He can turn our mourning into dancing. He can take our sorrow and give us joy instead. He can calm any storm and bring peace back again. He can heal our deepest pain and give us healing that can soothe the most troubled hearts. The list of His mind-blowing deeds is non exhaustive. What we need to do is present our dreams to Him and let Him amplify them. We need to offer our dreams to Him and He will blow them out of proportion. Today I am inviting you to praise and worship the Lord who is going to blow your mind away. Celebrate Him and thank Him in advance. Praise and worship set things into motion. Your miracles are not far away when you praise away. Know that you have seen nothing yet. Stay focused on Jesus. Stay in faith, embrace the peace, spread the joy and keep walking in love. God is about to blow your mind and you are going to be telling people about Him!


Suggested reading: Psalm 103;8; Ephesians 2:8; Ephesians 3:20


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