Let God do the talking

Yesterday I got a new phone. I spent over two hours in the store. It’s not how I had planned on spending the afternoon but it was worth it. The man who helped me was very friendly and he said I could get all these discounts and money back that I could put towards some accessories. It all sounded great until he said that he had made a mistake and I couldn’t trade in my phone. I was very tired. The normal thing to do would have been to get upset and tell him off. The normal Christian thing to do was to let God do the talking instead of letting my emotions and the frustration speak for me. What does letting God do all the talking sound like? I should actually ask, what does it look like? As you certainly know, we speak a lot through our actions. Our actions have a voice and they often speak louder than our words. How would the Lord react in my situation? He would react with love and He would let love do all the talking. That is what I felt led to do. I paused and asked the man to explain exactly what the issue was. When he was done telling me, I said “I understand and I appreciate your time. I still want to get the phone and I think you are a very good salesperson.” He seemed like a very good person and the good in him is what the Lord wanted me to focus on and not the mistake he had made. After all, I could have made that same mistake. Letting God do the talking is a powerful way of expressing ourselves. If we all did that, we would avoid so many conflicts and we would help advance the Kingdom. Today my message is about letting God do the talking and what it entails. Let God in you be louder than any negativity that tries to rise up in you.



What are God’s traits? What are His characteristics? Love defines Him. Meekness characterized His Spirit. Joy is all over Him. Peace inhabits Him. Faithfulness is part of His name. Goodness and kindness are synonyms for His name. All that is good, pure and noble is attached to Him. When we let God do the talking, all His traits come through. All His beautiful attributes speak up. His love takes ahold of our words. His peace sips into every sentence we say. His joy bounces off every syllable we put together and His kindness envelops every phrase we utter. God’s Spirit has a gentle voice that sounds loud to those who are in need of love. It’s that voice of kindness that we ought to use. It’s that voice that we should let out instead of the screams of negativity. It’s the voice of the Lord that people should be able to hear when they see us do what we do. Our actions should speak God’s language and repress the world’s madness. Our body language should reflect the heavenly language that God has put inside of us. You and I have God in us. We have a footprint of who He is in us. We have His fingerprints all over our hearts and we can’t ignore them. The Lord is looking for people who will let Him speak through their actions and their deeds. Let’s be the Lord’s spokespeople with our actions. Like I have said before, let’s speak up for God. His voice can silence the hatred in this world and put a stop to the devastating chatter that keeps people captive in mental jails. Let’s help people be set free by letting the Lord in us express Himself freely.



Acts of kindness go a long way. They can be random or they can be intentional. I love the idea of being intentional with our love and kindness. Let’s be intentional with our expression of God’s voice. His love can be presented in random ways but our intentions should always be centered around love. There is so much we can do to let God do the talking. Anything that we know is good, pure and noble and that we can do, falls under the category of giving the microphone to the Lord so to speak. I don’t know what the people around you are like but I know they all need to hear what God has to say. They don’t need a sermon and they don’t need a lecture. They just need to see that there is still some good in this world and you and I are the perfect vessels for that. Let’s watch what our actions, our movements and our words say. Let’s recalibrate when we are out of sync with God’s ways. We can make a dent in the voices that express the enemy’s thoughts by making the Lord be louder with acts of peace, love and kindness. Let God do all the talking and you will be joining the voices that are making an impact for Jesus. Keep talking today!


Suggested reading: 1 Corinthians 13:13; Philippians 4:8; 1 John 3:1

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