Hit it with your best praise

When life throws you a curveball, hit it with your best praise. That is one of the messages I have received recently. Life is a relentless pitcher that keeps throwing hard punches. Sometimes those punches leave you flat on your back and getting up seems almost impossible. The getting up part is more than possible with the Lord. He can block the hardest hits or He can pull us up when we have hit rock bottom. When you are at the bottom, remember that there is a rock there. Jesus the Rock or rocks went to the bottom before you and He rose again. Today life’s latest punch is not going to keep you at the bottom of the barrel of life. The Rock is going to push you back up and allow you to stand again. Life’s punches can’t compare to the Rock’s punch back. That punch back is in your praises. Deliver your best praises and God will deliver you from your worst falls. The falls are bound to happen but you will rise again. It might take three days for your Sunday to come but your Friday night won’t last forever. Praise will get you to your Sunday. Praise is going to pave the way for your misery to go away. Praise will get you back up. Today I want to encourage you to hit your problems with praise. Hit those hard curveballs with hard praises. The Lord hears your praises. The Lord is in your praises. When life throws you curveballs, hit them with Jesus. He can handle anything that will ever come your way. The secret is in your praise. The power is in your praise!



Just like anyone else I have been hit by some hard curveballs. Those balls come from nowhere. Sometimes they feel more like stabs in the back. They surprise you and they demoralize you. Praise is what we should turn to when we are in pain. It sounds contradictory and it feels unnatural but it is where the help comes from. Praise brings the Lord to the scene like nothing else. It takes our eyes off the problem and it helps us focus on the solution. It sounds very cliché but it works perfectly well. In my worst moments, praise is the only thing that has taken me out of the ditch of pain. There is power in praise. Power that melts away negativity. We just need to give praise a chance and it will do what it’s supposed to do. Like I said, it will not feel natural at first but it’s worth pushing through it. It’s worth getting out of the zone we are in when we are suffering. The Holy Spirit responds to praise so He will assist you and bring you to a place where you can praise more easily. It’s like you start singing the first notes and He carries your tune until you both get in harmony, singing to the Lord in unison.



Whatever curveball has come at you lately can be stopped by the power of praise. Praise is a shield and the curveball will eventually bounce back. Give yourself a chance to do the unexpected when you are having problems. Don’t follow your emotions down the path of sorrow. Follow your praise up the road of joy and bliss. Your praise should be a celebration of the Lord. Make it your best praise. Give it all you’ve got. Praise away. Praise through the pain. Praise through the tears. Praise through the anxiety. Praise through the fears. Praise and let your words of adoration for Jesus fill up the place you are in now. Your praises will move you from place to place until you reach a place of victory. The Lord is in your praises and He will always prevail. Hit that curveball with praise today. You are going to make it. You will overcome. God is on your side and your praise will lift you up. Don’t stay on the ground. You belong in high places with the Lord. Get your praise going!

Suggested reading: Psalm 150:2; 2 Chronicles 20:22; Hebrews 13:15


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