Unfriending the enemy

I remember when I first heard of the concept of unfriending someone. I thought it was very dismissive and almost violent. It is a strong form of rejection and separation. I understand why it can be done and I see it as a powerful statement that can be negative or positive. When would unfriending someone be a positive thing? When we unfriend the enemy and his cohort, we are severing ties that are unconsciously bringing us down. You might be thinking that there is no way you are friends with the enemy and that in your right mind you would never friend him if you are saved. When we accept Jesus as our Savior, we gain the best friend there is. We turn from our old ways and we do our best to live our lives according to His Word. However, we are still subject to negativity. Fear, doubt, anxiety and their companions can have some influence on us. We can be at the point where we are so used to them that they have become friends so to speak. It is rarely a conscious decision but the way we “interact” with them shows a connection, a tie that indicates that we are in some type of relationship with them. It is not a happy relationship but it is relationship that can reach levels of dependence. I stopped feeling a certain type of fear when I received the Holy Spirit. It was very amazing and it almost felt strange not feeling the fear. My flesh missed it but my spirit was rejoicing because it was rid of it. Today I want to encourage you to go through your list of emotional and spiritual friends and unfriend all the ones that are part of the enemy’s clan. Break those ties in the name of Jesus. Break away from them with the help of the Holy Spirit. Unfriend the enemy and his band and focus on your relationship with the Lord and His beautiful entourage!



Let me specify that I am not saying that most of us enjoy having ties with the enemy’s group. Sometimes we do it out of habit or out of not knowing better. The enemy lies all the time and one of his biggest lies is that our lives will never get better or that they will never change. He likes to make us believe that we are stuck in vicious circles of fear, confusion and spiritual and emotional poverty. Spiritual poverty is the state of being deprived of the fruit of the Spirit and being poor in spiritual things. Spiritual poverty can manifest in lack of joy, lack of peace and lack of love. Anyone who has a lot of hatred is spiritually poor because love is the most important spiritual attribute. When we feel jealousy, we dip one foot in spiritual poverty. When we are angry, we visit spiritual poverty. When we never laugh or smile, we are stuck in compartments of spiritual poverty. Spiritual poverty hides among our friends. It is behind the spiritual friends that give us a sense of joy that is fake. Spiritual poverty is hard to identify at times but once we do, we should start the process of unfriending it.



How do we unfriend spiritual and emotional poverty and the rest of the enemy’s friends? Like I said, the first step is to find them and acknowledge that they are there. Saying that we never feel fear or doubt will not help us. It will help the enemy stay there comfortably. Unfriending the enemy takes discipline. It’s making the decision that no matter what, we will stay grounded in the Lord. Come what may, we will walk in love. We will not give in to any form of discrimination or segregation but we will segregate the enemy and his cohort. We will put him in quarantine and leave him out of what we do, think or say. It takes effort and practice but maintaining a life of prayer and praise will get us there. I always insist on prayer and seeking the Lord’s face because they must become like muscle memory. Prayers said a couple of times a week will not build muscles that connect us to God. The more we “friend” the Lord, the easier it is to unfriend the enemy. Friend, the unfriending process can take a while but it can happen. With God in you, there is the hope of glory. There is the hope that the enemy will not control our emotions and feelings. Cutting the cord with all the negativity from the enemy is truly an act of God and it requires some work on our part. Let’s continue to refuse to have anything to do with the enemy’s wish to spread hate and rejection. We don’t need to be friends with those that divide and hurt our spiritual makeup. Let’s develop our relationship with the Lord and His fruit will grow in us. Let’s keep unfriending all the bad fruit that negativity wants us to feed us. Let’s feed on love, hope, peace, joy and patience. Let’s stay friends with the One friend who will never let us down!


Suggested reading: Galatians 5:22-23; Ephesians 4:32; 1 John 4:8


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