10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 63)

God is with you in all your ways. Give Him a change to lead you in every way!

Plant the grain of faith and it will grow you. Plant the grain of doubt and it will outgrow you.

Don’t forget that the Lord is not with you only in the valleys. He is with you in the plains, on the mountains, in the fields, on the roads and on the water. He never leaves you nor forsakes you!

The sun is always behind the clouds so remember that the Son is always behind your cloudiest times!

There is an endless supply of blessings coming from Heaven that is here on earth. Those who believe and trust in God can catch those blessings with the power of faith. Be a blessing catcher in the name of Jesus!

Pause and take the time to look at the Lord’s face. Pause and take the time to look away from your own face. Pause and seek the Lord’s help. Pause and turn away from your own help. Pause and stare at the truth. Pause and ignore the lies. Pause and seek the Lord!

Dream bigger with God. Dream bigger with faith. Dream bigger with love. Dream bigger than your fears. Dream bigger than your mind. Dream bigger than the doubts. Dream bigger with God!

Sit at God’s table and start eating. Don’t wait any longer. Eat and enjoy what He is giving you. He prepared a table for you. He is sitting with you at the table. Eat in peace. You are surrounded by love!

Keep going and don’t look back. Keep going and look up. Keep going and look at the Lord. Keep going and walk with the Lord. Keep going and stay strong in the Lord. Keep going. You are going to make it!

The riches of the Lord can adorn the poorest souls. God has treasures for you and me that the world cannot adore!

Suggested reading: Psalm 23; Joshua 1:5; Hebrews 13:5

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