You are not alone in the fire

Fire can be a positive element or a negative one. It is positive when it is a source of energy and it is negative when it destroys and ruins things. Devastating fires wrought havoc last year in California in unprecedented ways. When we go through difficult times, it can seem like there is a fire destroying everything around us. It can feel like we are in the middle of a fire with no escape route to a safe place. I have experienced times when I was walking through the fire and every problem appeared to make the fire bigger the more, I focused on it. It’s that burning sensation that doesn’t let up. It’s the feeling that your life is going up in flames. Then I read about the three men in the fire in the Bible, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who went through a fire but never got burned. They were tied up and fell into a burning fiery furnace. Now that’s what I call having problems or going through some serious trials and tribulations. They were in one of the worst positions ever but they never got burned. King Nebuchadnezzar had made a tall gold statue and he had ordered everyone to bow before it and worship it. The three men refused to worship anyone but God so the king had them thrown into the fire.



With boldness the three men declared that they were not afraid to be thrown into the fire because their God would save them and they will never bow before any god other than the Lord. Even if He didn’t rescue them, they would still worship Him. That is pure, raw faith! They demonstrated the kind of faith we should have while going through the fires of trials and tribulations. The soldiers who threw the men in the fire got burned before the fire was so strong. However, the three men didn’t get scorched and the king actually saw four men in the fire. The Lord was with the three men and kept them safe from the fire. Today I want to remind you that the Lord is with you in the fire. Remember that it doesn’t matter how hot your problems get, God is with you. He will protect you in the middle of your fiery trials. You will come out of this season of tribulations smelling like spring and not smelling like smoke!



It’s not always easy to imagine that the Lord is with us when we are going through a tough time. The fire around us blinds us to His presence. The smoke makes it almost impossible to see that He is there but He is standing right there with us. He is holding our hand, giving us a hug and keeping us protected. While in the fire, we ought to ask the Holy Spirit to dissipate the smoke so we can see again. We need to pray in the middle of the fire. I know that we would rather panic but panicking doesn’t make the flames go away. Faith does. Declaring like the three men that our God will save us from the power of the enemy is how we can get to remain calm in the fire. We need to make that declaration at all times. Before the fire, in the fire and after the fire. Those words will burn away the fear and the anxiety. Those words will boost of faith and they will activate God’s hand. Dance in the fire. Not because it is hot but because the Lord is right there with you. The peace you will have in the fire, your prayers during the fire, the praise and worship that people will hear while you are in the fire will be a great testimony to the Lord. Like King Nebuchadnezzar, people around you will start believing in your God. You are not alone in the fire, friend. God is with you!


Suggested reading: Daniel 3; Isaiah 43:2; Hebrews 11:34


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