When you are weak, He is strong

When can you expect to see God’s power in action in your life? Is it only on Sunday? Only on days when you pray? Could it be expected every day? God is the most consistent and constant One you will ever know. His power is constant and He doesn’t change. Why is it then that we don’t feel His presence all the time? For one thing God cannot just be apprehended by our feelings. He doesn’t just live in the realm of our feelings. He is Spirit and He is omniscient and always present. He is in our feelings; He is outside what we feel and He is in all places you could look for Him. There is a place where you can always find God. That place is faith. God can be seen, heard, and “felt” in the realm of faith. Faith transcends our natural senses and it relies on hope and knowing that what we believe is true. Faith is not easy but it is a secure place once we find it and we stay there. Faith sees God’s power all the time. It knows and believes that there is power in the name of Jesus. Faith recognizes all the areas where God has manifested His power. Faith sees God in everything around us.



There is another place where we can see God’s power activated. God’s power is manifested when we are weak. Paul said that God’s grace was sufficient for him and His power was made perfect in weakness.” This is true for you and me, friend. You believe in God. You have a connection with Him so you can expect His grace to be enough. Grace doesn’t always depend on our faith. It is a free gift from God. When you are weak, you can be assured that His power will be enough for you. In your weakness God remains strong. His power is consistent and your being weak doesn’t affect it at all. Today I want to remind you that if you are going through moments of weakness, God is still your strength and His power is available to you on this very day. Weakness will try to tell you that there is no way out. It will make you believe that you will never be strong again but with the Lord, never say never!



Being in a place of weakness is commonplace. It is a territory well-known by many of us. It is a land where we are depleted of energy and the soil underneath is not stable and not solid. Now, when we are traveling through that difficult region, we can stumble upon solid ground. God will dispatch His help and provide a solid foundation we can stand on. Our weakness fades away when it is faced with His strength. When we are weak, we should be expecting that God will come to our rescue. The weakness we are experiencing doesn’t compare to the power and strength that are coming. How do we get them to come? We need to hand the weakness to God and let Him take over. We need to hand Him every piece of our fragile being and let Him rebuild us and strengthen us. He is an expert at rebuilding things. He rebuilt humanity in three days. He rerouted the world’s fate in three days. The cross, His death and His resurrection served as the ground for remaking everything. With His death, your weakness died as well. With His resurrection, His power came to life again to set you free and change your weakness into strength. When you are weak, God is always strong. Remember that. It will never change. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Nehemiah 8:10; Exodus 15:2; 2 Corinthians 12:9-11


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