God will set you free

I love that the Lord said that the truth would set us free. When we are living in a lie we are in bondage. We are confined and we can’t find the light of truth. The enemy is the king of lies and he does his best to keep people from finding out the truth. The truth affects every part of our lives. There is the truth that has a major impact like the truth of salvation and there is the truth that affects the smaller things in life like the truth about what someone is trying to hide but the truth brings that secret to light. Parents often get to the truth about their kids’ white lies one way or another. The truth about salvation is the truth that sets us free on a huge level. Think about it. Before you got saved, you lived in darkness. There was no brightness in your life and you didn’t even realize it. You probably felt that you were walking in the light but that light had nothing to do with the Lord. I often tell a friend that there is a light that looks like the light but it is not the light. The enemy is a counterfeiter and he counterfeits everything that God has created including the light. He imitates God and he makes his creation appealing to men by calling on their senses, their desires and puffing up their ego. The enemy has fabricated a light that looks like purity in its nicest form but the more you delve into that light, the more it reveals its dark side. There is no darkness in God and if you are following a movement, a doctrine, an ideology that embraces even a tiny bit of darkness, remember that it is not from God.



Now, the truth of salvation brings us out of the dark and puts us into a beautiful light that radiates from the Lord Himself. When you get saved and you experience true freedom for the first time, there is nothing like it. You feel cleansed on the inside; you walk with a new assurance and you get filled with the love of the Lord. It is a quite unique moment. It is a great moment that lasts for a while until the enemy tries to steal the peace of your salvation. He hates the freedom of the Lord because it is the opposite of what he is. Jesus is freedom, peace and love. The enemy is all about captivity, chaos and hate. However, you have to keep the following truth in mind. The Lord is the truth, the way and the life therefore the Lord will set you free. He said Himself that the truth would set you free and He is the truth. He embodies the truth and all that is attached to it. God is the truth of salvation. When you get saved, you not only get saved by what salvation represents, you get saved by the Lord Himself, the creator of the universe. Let that sink in. You are not just saved because you confessed the Lord with your mouth. You are saved and set free by Jesus. What Jesus went through happened to you as well. You died to your sins, you died to your old self and the Lord brought you back to life, to the best life there is.



After the initial salvation, which is a great form of deliverance, there are more instances of deliverance. Every time you learn, adopt and believe a truth from the Lord, you get set free. This is why it is important to study the Word of God because through His Word God performs more deliverance than we imagine. Spend time meditating on a particular scripture and when the truth of the scripture drops into your spirit and enlightens you with the truth, there will be freedom. You will see some powerful deliverance from bondages from the enemy. Getting saved doesn’t imply that we are not under the yoke of the enemy anymore in certain areas otherwise the Bible wouldn’t tell us to resist the devil and he will flee. We must make the truth a priority. We ought to hunger for it and earnestly want it. Why? When we want to know the truth, we want to know the Lord since He is the truth. God will set you free, friend. No matter what your situation is, hit it with the truth of the Lord. Squeeze out the bad by pushing in the truth of the Lord. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. You shall know the Lord and the Lord will set you free!

Suggested reading: John 8:31-32; John 14:6; John 17:17

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