How to keep your spirit strong

It’s interesting how our bodies can influence and affect our spirits. Our spirits can also give our bodies a boost or they can bring our bodies down. There is a strong connection between our bodies and our spirits and I wasn’t aware of it for the longest time. Our minds also have an impact on our spirits and our bodies. One thing I found earlier on during my Christian walk is that when I am tired, everything looks different. When I am tired all the sparks and glitter are gone and it’s time for lights out so to speak. I could be having the best day but at the end of the day when the fatigue hits me, the best thing I can do is stay still and not do much. We need to give our bodies the rest they ask for. We need to be sensitive to the warning signs. Why? Because our bodies can affect our spirits and vice versa. When our bodies are worn out, our spirits have limited potential to be all they can be. The Lord gave us a strong spirit when we

accepted Him as our Savior. That strong spirit needs to be maintained and monitored and adjustments might need to be made. Monitoring and adjusting our spirits is key if we want to maximize our spirits’ strength. Today I want to encourage you to take care of your body, watch out for burn-out signs, check your spirit and make adjustments so you can enjoy the benefits of having the strong spirit that the Lord gave you.

What makes it possible for our spirits to be strong? The Lord makes it possible. Our spirits are strong in the Lord, thanks to the Lord and through the Lord. Our strength comes from Him and we have to acknowledge the true source of the power of our spirits. If we don’t know that we were given a strong spirit when we were saved, we won’t be able to rise up to our potential. If we know we have strong spirits but we keep taking God out of the equation of the powerhouse we were given, we will fall short of what we were meant to experience. I see how strong my spirit is when I keep feeding on the Lord and on His Word. When I pray every day, when I adore Him and praise Him, my spirit is like a worshipper on steroids. It feels like I am constantly flying above my circumstances, enjoying a bird’s eye view of what’s happening without being affected by it. God will always give us the power to be strong and to face anything in life when we stay plugged in and connected to Him. He is the main powerhouse that supplies energy to us, the mini powerhouses. The joy, the peace and the love that come from Him give our spirits all the spiritual nutrients they need to be solid and to stay grounded in the truth. Making the Lord our number one power supply will allow our spirits to remain sturdy and invincible.

I monitor and adjust my spirit all the time. I do a spiritual level check as often as I can. This check consists in taking my spiritual temperature and seeing if I need to increase the heat of the joy of the Lord or if I need to cool down my spirit with the peace of the Lord. I also check my level of fatigue. If I am too tired, I don’t make big decisions. I also isolate myself and rest. I have quiet time and I do as little as possible until bed time. I am not being lazy. I am being practical and sensible. Trying to accomplish a lot when I am exhausted is counterproductive. It’s like driving a car on an almost empty tank. You can go to some places but you won’t go far. It’s never advisable to try to drive long distances when you have pretty much no gas left. When you have very little energy left, your spiritual stamina will be affected. You won’t be able to do much. You will need to replenish the tank with rest so you can get back on the road refreshed and ready to tackle what life is bringing next. Check your level. Check for the burn-out signs. Stay plugged in and get the power you need from the Lord and you will keep your spirit strong!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 40:29; Ephesians 6:10; 2 Timothy 1:7

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