Get excited about this week

A new week is starting and with the start of the week comes anxiety due to the fear of the unknown. What’s going to take place this week? I used to wonder how the week was going to be on Sunday night and even on Saturday night. Now I enjoy my Mondays. I enjoy the first day of the week because I get excited about what the Lord is going to do. There is a high level of excitement now that tramples the fear of the unknown. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I know the One who knows my future and who holds my fate in His hands. He is in charge of this week and every week. Worrisome Monday has become celebration Monday. There is a lot to celebrate. There is the Lord to celebrate. Starting the week in the spirit of celebrating Jesus is a great way to kick off the week. Friend, your week is going to be exceptionally amazing because you are spending it with the Lord of lords. The King of kings is going to walk along your side so you better start celebrating now. Don’t give fear any power. Don’t let anxiety set in. Let the Lord come in and lift Him up. How do you achieve that? Choose God over everything.

This week is going to try to land some heavy circumstances on your lap but don’t take it. Don’t take the abuse. Pass those hard times over to the Lord. Refuse all the negativity and all the misery the enemy is going to offer you this week. With a resounding no, tell him it’s not for you. Tell him that Jesus has handled it all for you and you will only accept what He has done for you. Don’t let the bad stuff shake the good stuff out of you. Hold on to the good of the Lord and rebuke the bad of the enemy. This week has the potential to be the best week yet so maximize that potential by siding with the Lord. He says He will bless you wherever you go and He will protect you. That is what you should remember and repeat all week long. Ignore the chatter of the enemy and turn up the volume of your praises to the Lord. You are going to make it and it is going to be a week out of the ordinary. Let God take you away from the ordinary and let Him give you the extraordinary He has in store for you. This week will only be as great as you believe it will be. Believe big. Trust big. A big week is ahead of you in Jesus’ name!

God will never tell you that a new week is going to break you but instead He will tell you that He is going to break the adversity that will come against you. God can do infinitely more than you can expect and that infinitely more includes changing the course of your week. He will turn the bad into good. He will transform any difficult and sour situation into a piece of cake and you will get to eat it too. Don’t get discouraged by the assaults this week. There will be problems but the Lord has conquered them and He has made you a conqueror. You are going to conquer the week and the week is going to work out nicely for you as you stay in the Lord and you continue to rely on Him. Keep your head up. Keep moving forward. Keep going. Nothing will stop you as the Lord is surrounding you. Get excited about the new week. Get excited about Jesus for who He is. Get on the happy side of the track. Don’t cross over to the sad side. Your train is not going there anymore. Your train is heading to Victory town and that is where you will be staying all week. Have a great week in the name of the Lord! Get excited!

Suggested reading: Psalm 5:11; 2 Thessalonians 3:3; 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

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