Think outside the box of doubt

When you try to think outside the box, you try to think outside what you know. You try to stretch your mind and stretch your way of thinking. You take off the limits that have been put in your head. You open the door to a world of possibilities. Faith requires a lot of thinking outside the box. Faith takes down the limitations and stretches your mind. Faith has no boundaries. Developing faith is inching toward that thinking outside the box mentality. Faith flourishes in your heart and it touches your mind. Thinking outside the box with faith is a great practice. I don’t want to be stuck where I am now in my thinking. I want to keep stretching it. I want faith to invade the way I see life, the way I think about everything. I want to tear down the boxes that have kept me limited and I want my mind to live outside those restraining spaces. When we think inside the box, we only have a restricted way of apprehending the world and we think inside a space that needs to be infiltrated by faith. Today I am encouraging you to come out of your limited spaces, think outside those boxes. Whether they are boxes of doubt, boxes of fear, boxes of limited potential or boxes of questioning God. The boxes have to go. Stay out of them. Get into a bigger space where faith abounds and doubt has no room to survive!

I have pictured my thinking as being in a box before. I have seen boxes around people I had conversations with. I see their struggle. I see their need and I also see the solution the Lord has for them and for me. I started by taking care of my own boxes after I became aware of them. I could name the boxes and I could see what was inside of them. The boxes of the mind have many words in them. The first box I dealt with was the box of doubt. Even though I was a Christian, I still allowed that box to show up and take over my thinking. My thinking was boxed in by the wrong thought patterns. The words I would choose spoke a language that wasn’t the language of faith. I would sound very Christian at times and then I would sound like a crying baby who had no hope of ever getting over his crying fit. You see, our words condition us. They also reflect what we believe deep inside. I knew I did believe in God so I had to make sure I used the right words. I needed to speak the words that were outside of the box of doubt. The space of doubt had to be replaced by the space of faith. My words got me there. My time in the Word of God kept me there.

To successfully think outside the box, we ought to make the box of faith bigger. We need to capitalize on Jesus. We need to make Him a priority. Once He becomes our number one, nothing can stand in the way. His Word should be the frame for our box. It is a frame that takes up a lot of space if we let it grow. The bigger the box of faith, the smaller the other boxes will be. God has a way of thinking that is higher than our way but we have the hope of sharing His mind and getting glimpses of His thinking. We need to glean those glimpses and use them to build our space of thinking. I want my mind to be saturated with God’s thinking. Prayer has been an amazing help. If I didn’t pray every day, I would be trapped in the wrong box. If I didn’t confess God’s Word every day, the box of doubt would be my comfort box. It’s dangerous when we get comfortable with doubt and fear. When they are second nature, we need to fight harder to make them go away. This is why we need to partner with the Holy Spirit and actively work on thinking outside the box and thinking like God does. We can never have too much of God so letting Him take over our box of thinking is the right thing to do. Let the Holy Spirit guide you and inspire you. Let Him meddle with your thinking. Let Him destroy the box that has kept you captive. Embrace the freedom of His gentleness and let Him make you think more like Jesus does. Think outside the box of doubt!

Suggested reading: Romans 12:2; 1 Peter 1:14; 1 John 2:15-17

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