1 step forward, 2 steps back, 3 steps forward

Do you ever feel like you take 1 step forward and 2 steps back? Do you ever feel like you make some nice progress but then you regress a lot more? I have been there many times. Time and time again I could see that I was making some good spiritual progress and then I would take a few steps back that made me wonder if I had made any progress at all. The good news is that the Lord said He was directing our steps. All our steps are counted. He knows when we will make progress and when we will go back. If we stay in sync with the Lord, we will take more steps forward than we take steps back because with Him we go from glory to glory. We go forward. We make progress. We go through new territories. God will make us forget the steps back by giving us more steps ahead. We all make mistakes and we all fall short of God’s grace but His grace is sufficient and Jesus paid the price for our sins. This doesn’t mean that we have a license to sin but every time we do, we can be forgiven and move on. The enemy will try to keep us in a state of guilt and shame. When we take steps back, he will make us focus on our shortcomings and on what we did wrong. It’s time we lived our lives according to the Gospel with the assurance that we are covered by the blood of the Lamb and with the confidence that we are going to make progress. With the Lord, our steps can be strides that overpass any regression and any falling back.

Walking at God’s pace is the best way to walk. Since He is directing our steps, we can walk knowing that the Almighty Lord is guiding us and leading us. Trusting that He is orchestrating our moves is liberating. I thank the Lord every day for His guidance. I thank Him for holding me and blessing me. I know that I am growing because of Him. I know that I am heading in the right direction. I am also aware of the times when I will miss it and take a wrong turn that will set me back. Those setbacks are going to be used as lessons or as stepping stones for a bigger step next time. Taking two steps back doesn’t feel good but I can’t let my feelings get in the way. My faith tells me that I will get back on the right track and that giant steps are on the way. Don’t give up, friend. You might be further back than you wanted to be but God has a step plan that will propel you ahead of the game.

I have a Fitbit that counts my steps and I am determined to take as many steps as I can. When I am traveling, I walk a lot because I try to explore as much as I can. Spiritually I do the same thing. I travel as much as I can in my Christian walk. I try to explore the Word of God. I explore my relationship with the Lord. I walk a lot in my quest for more of Jesus. Do I ever take steps back? Absolutely, but I don’t let them bring me down. I take some time to rest and regroup then I can keep going. There is often a time of reflection needed so I can see that no matter what, the Lord has my steps. He owns my Fitbit so to speak. He has my back and He always encourages me to keep going. The Holy Spirit is the best coach there is. He is an expert at motivating us and helping us not dwell on the past and on our mistakes. He will always say “Your steps back don’t compare to the giant steps forward that are coming up.” Keep going, friend. You are making progress. 1 step forward, 2 steps back and 3 steps forward in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 16:9; Proverbs 20:24; John 14:26

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