Pray with others

I love how prayer can be an individual act or a collective effort. I love praying and it’s a great way for me to listen to God and to talk to God. On the regular, prayer is an individual act for me. I know the importance of collective prayer and praying with others is very powerful. I understand that we need to go back to the times when people prayed together. As a kid there were nights when I prayed with my family before bed. There is something special about community and the Lord loves it when we get together. He said that where two or more were together, He was in the midst of them. The act of praying on its own is amazing and it should be a daily event and not just a Sunday special. Praying with someone else is a great habit to develop. Today I want to encourage you to pray with others. I want to remind you that God honors all prayers from the heart and He wants you and me to join others in prayer. Praying with others and for others is a perfect combination.

I see prayer as a selfless act. I was taught a long time ago that I should be praying for others first before mentioning my needs. I was also told that I needed to see prayer as connecting with God. It is more than a series of requests. It is a conversation. It is a two-way conversation. During prayer, our spirits are made sensitive to the voice of the Lord and letting our spirits receive from Him is primordial. That is why we need to silence the voices of the world when we pray so we recognize the voice of the Lord. It does take practice but like anything else it is doable. God is talking to us all the time and it is our job to be receptive to what He has to say. When we pray, He always leads us to pray for others if we pay attention. “Put others’ needs before yours” is what is echoed in His words to us. I believe that in order to pray with others, we ought to increase our sensitivity to praying for others. We need to bless them and love them and prayer is a great starting point. Pray for everyone you know. Pray for those you love and those you are not a fan of. Pray for others first and pray with others. There is power and strength in numbers.

Imagine how powerful united prayers are. Two or more people trusting God and coming together to form an alliance in the name of Jesus is beautiful. The Lord is in the middle of them. Their prayers carry a lot of spiritual weight. There is great things happening when we gather in the name of the Lord. Do you have a prayer partner or partners? If you don’t, I pray that you find someone you can pray with. I pray that you get to enjoy the joy of getting together in the Lord. Prayer should always have an aspect of praise. Praise is a good way to start a prayer session. When you get together with your prayer friend(s), start with praise before anything else. Indulge in thanksgiving. Keep it all positive. Let words of positivity inundate your prayer time. This will keep you all connected to the joy of the Lord which is your strength. Don’t get together and have a pity party. Don’t get together to whine and complain. Keep it all pure and noble. Lift up the Lord. Get together and let the peace of the Lord be with you. It will follow you wherever you go. Pray with others. Pray and praise with others. You will see a new level of blessings and miracles break out in your life.

Suggested reading: Matthew 18:20; Matthew 28:20; 1 Corinthians 5:4

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