God has your victory

Is God going to help you with your situation? Is God going to show up and rescue you? In His eyes, it is already done. He has taken care of everything. He doesn’t see the solution as being impossible. He has all that it takes to turn your situation around. There is nothing He won’t do for you. He has the ability to change it all and make it beautiful again. Your ugly dilemma will be a gorgeous painting again. Give God the brush. Let Him rewrite your story. Let Him depict it the way He meant it to be. If you can’t hear Him today, know that He hasn’t gone silent. Turn the pages of His Book. Turn up the volume of His love by spending time in His Word. God is not missing. He has not disappeared. He has the same words for you today as He did on your best day. God is telling you that the victory is yours. His refrain is still beating to the sound of His melody of love for you. He doesn’t love you any less when you are going through hell. He has a pathway to Heaven for you even in the middle of your worst nightmare. Today I want to encourage you to dust off the fear and sweep away the doubts. God has your victory in His hand and He is holding you in His hand right where His peace and love remain. You are in good hands. Don’t let the bad hand life has dealt you make you forget the hand of the One who holds you! Your victory is in God’s hands!

Winning when you see with your very eyes that you have lost is very hard to imagine. The enemy takes pleasure in keeping us in the realm of what we see so he can block our faith. He wants us to walk by sight and not by faith. Our sight is misleading. If you believe in God you know that walking by faith and not by sight is the way to go. What you see is not necessarily what you get according to the Lord. What you get is what the Lord has for you. Losing a battle is not God’s best for you. You are going to win the next round. It may look like you have lost everything but God is an expert at orchestrating a comeback that will blow away not only your mind but the limited mind of the enemy as well. God hasn’t shown what He has yet. He hasn’t given your life His best punch yet. He is going to hit your problems on the head so hard that they are going to get lost in the space of oblivion. You will forget about them completely eventually. Today might be bad but it’s not a reflection of your future. Your future is in God’s hands!

God has you right where He wants you. Where is that you must be wondering? He doesn’t have you in the midst of a storm. He doesn’t have you in the dead of the winter of your life. He doesn’t have you in the worst circumstances possible. He has you in the palm of His hand. That is what counts the most. Your predicament puts you in a bad place but it’s no match to where God has put you. He has put you in the victory stand. From that stand you can worship and praise. You are in the concert hall of praise and thanksgiving so get up and sing your heart out. Don’t look at the problems, focus on your praise. Victory is all around you. Victory is here and it will manifest in time. You are in God’s hands and you are surrounded by blessings, love, triumph, joy, mercy and grace. Get up and dance. Celebrate the victory of the Lord. Walk by faith. Dance in faith. God has your victory and it’s only a matter of time until you see it come to pass with your very eyes!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 20:4; John 16:33; 1 John 5:4

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