Keep the fire burning

Fire is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit showed up in the Book of Acts, He appeared as tongues of fire. Fire destroys and burns. The Holy Spirit does that too. He destroys and burns the powers of darkness. As tongues of fire, He can do the burning through what is being said. Whether it is through speaking in tongues or though words inspired by the Spirit, we can burn and destroy the plans of the enemy by speaking the power of the Lord in our lives. The key is to keep the fire burning. We too often keep the wrong fire burning. We let the fire of negativity burn our blessings when we complain, whine and use words of doubt. There is so much power in what we say. We must be reminded over and over again of that power. I want the power of the Holy Spirit to burn in my life like a tongue of fire. Now, the Spirit of Jesus is a fire that can transform the worst lives. When we accept the Savior into our lives, the fire of His Spirit comes in. We however need to keep it burning at the right temperature. What temperature is that? It’s the temperature that is in harmony with the Spirit. We must keep the Spirit hot so to speak. For years I was lukewarm and cold at times. I no longer adhere to that lifestyle. I am a fan of the Lord and His Spirit is my guide. I keep things as hot as possible. I keep my spiritual life as hot as possible. Today I want to encourage you to keep the fire burning. Keep living the way the Lord wants you to live. Keep that first-time experience of receiving the Lord burning in your heart. Your confession when you made the Lord your Savior should last a lifetime. Be aware of the Spirit of God in you and let Him burn away all negativity and all the plans the enemy had for you.



The fire of God keeps burning in our hearts when we maintain our relationship with Him. When we keep Him close to our hearts, He draws us closer to His. Getting excited about God is a good way to keep the fire burning. There is a need of daily renewal. We can’t lose that passion. We can’t let go if we want to grow. The fire is there and its flames must be fanned. I have a few songs that I sing a lot to the Lord. Those things are filled with adoration and reverence to Jesus. They keep the fire burning. I even get new songs in my heart from time to time. The Holy Spirit gives me new songs. They are just between me and the Lord. They are meant for Him only. They keep the fire burning. God will put a song in your heart that will get you into praise mode and that will fan the flames of the fire in you. God will always equip you when you have a burning desire to be burning for Him!



Getting excited about the Lord is a great way to keep the fire burning like I mentioned earlier. That excitement should stem from loving God for who He is. It’s not about what He gives us necessarily even though it’s good to get joyful about that. It’s more about focusing on God and loving God. We should be happy and joyful because we know the Lord. We should let that joy come to the surface more. It will keep the strong fire of the Lord burning. Let Him be your fire. Let God be the reason why you get up in the morning. Let Him be your motivation for everything. Let His Spirit express Himself in you as you give in to love, faith, peace, joy, patience, long-suffering and kindness. When you do, the fire will be so powerful that it will burn the negativity that was trying to get you. Letting God be your fire also allows Him to destroy what the enemy has laid out for you. God is invincible and His fire can ruin the worst plans of the adversity. Keep the fire burning, friend. Pray, praise, be thankful, love, be patient, be kind, be an imitator of Christ and the fire will burn obstacles and hurdles. God is a consuming fire!


Suggested reading: Acts 2:3-4; Romans 8:9; Hebrews 12:29


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