God will give you the energy you need

Jet lag is my least favorite part of traveling. Sometimes I feel wiped out from it. I have been back from Europe for two days and I am still feeling pretty tired. Today I was able to do all I had to do even though I was exhausted. I had to rely on the Lord all day to make it. He is my strength. He is my source of energy. Finding comfort in the Lord is a game changer. It changed the way my life was played out years ago. I am talking mostly about spiritual and emotional strength but He also gives me the physical energy I need every day. How does it all work? How did the change occur? It happened when I confessed to Him that I was nothing without Him. I would have never thought to say that during prayer time until a few years ago. It was a time when my back was against the wall and I knew I couldn’t pull through without His help. I had been too proud for too long.



Pride is an enemy of faith. It is an enemy of the development of faith. Pride is a hurdle that should be avoided at all costs. Having Jesus as our Savior implies dependency and reliance on Him alone. This means that we ought to die to self and put Him first. Before the change, I was doing what I perceived to be all the right things. However, things did feel stagnant and my walk with the Lord stalled. I sounded like a confident man of the Lord but the reality was that I acted like a confident man who relied on his own abilities too much. Confidence in what we can do is fine but it should stem from the recognition that all we can do is fueled by the Lord Almighty. Having more confidence in the Lord than we do in ourselves is key. After all, He is the One who holds everything together.



Every piece of my life seemed to fall apart when I was too much in control and I had imagined that it should have been the opposite. I thought that if I took care of everything then everything would work out but the more, I controlled my life the more it escaped me and it deteriorated. I ran out of steam quickly and at the end of every day I was hit with so much fatigue that it was like jet lag over and over again. I had a choice. I made the choice to surrender it all to the Lord. I had nothing to lose. I gained everything. I gained peace. I gained strength. I gained stamina. I gained balance. I gained a new lifestyle. A lifestyle where God is calling the shots and I am just His child being taken care of. It all changed with a few simple words. It all changed with an attitude adjustment.



The words that made it all better were “Lord I can’t do this without You. I am nothing without You and I am going to need You all day. Thanks for being with me. Thanks for covering me and blessing me all day. Thanks for being in control. I relinquish all control. You are in charge. You have a plan for today. Thanks for planning my day for me. In Jesus’ name.” Those words have been part of my morning prayers for years now and when I feel tired, they give me a boost. I do my part by speaking faith and God does His part by honoring my faith. Jet lag tried to derail my day but I made sure I stayed on the train of faith right from the start of the day by turning my day over to the Lord. He made yesterday a great day despite of the fatigue and I have a high expectation of great days every day because I know who is in charge. I am not but He is! God will give you the energy to make it. Give Him the time of day and He will transform your day!


Suggested reading: Psalm 73:26; Matthew 11:28-30; 2 Corinthians 12:9

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