God has planned your life

There are a lot of verses that get ahold of my heart and don’t let go. Some verses just keep going around and around my mind, drop into my spirit and stay there for a while. Do you ever feel like God is speaking to you very loudly through specific verses? When you do, just hold on to those verses. Let them stay with you. Let them marinate in your heart. Let them get all delicious on the inside. Let them change your inside with their amazing flavor. God’s Word can transform you just by being in you. There is so much power in the Word of God. When a verse attaches itself to me, I let it sink in and I let it be part of my meditative time with the Lord. I seek the Lord’s face through that verse. Lately my heart has been chased by Jeremiah 29:11. It’s a popular verse that I have read a million times but this time it has been talking to me through a different voice. It has been echoing a truth that has become so real in my life. It’s the truth that God has planned my entire life and I need to get on board and completely trust that He has the best plan for me. Today I want to share some of the reflections that have come out of the time I spent with that verse in prayer. The main idea is that God’s plans for us are good. They are extremely good and they are meant to bless us and not to harm us in any way.



The Lord establishes in that verse that He knows exactly what He has planned for us. There is no doubt in His mind that He knows it all from beginning to end. His plans are not built as time goes. He knew from the beginning what He wanted for each and every one of us. Writing this just makes me realize even more how big our Lord is. Think about all the people who have ever walked the earth and who will in the future and imagine that God knows the plans He has for each of them. That is billions and billions of people whose plans have been accounted for. Now, the enemy has plans for all of us as well and his plans to harm us often get in the way. The harm and the hurt don’t come from the Lord. He indicates that He doesn’t want to hurt us. That is not who He is. That is not one of His functions. He is love and love doesn’t hurt contrary to popular belief. He designed a life for all of us that is wrapped in love but that is way too often laced by hate and destruction when the enemy gets his way. As believers our job is to agree with God’s plans for our lives by trusting Him, following Him and relying completely on Him. What happens when we do?



When we trust in the Lord, His plans can unfold easily. However, grace and mercy can also play a role and let God’s will for our lives take place even when we are not in compliance. When we trust God, we see His faithfulness come to life. It is translated by a manifestation of His favor.  His goal is to prosper us and give us hope and a future. It’s His future and not the future the enemy has for us. God prospers us by blessing us in more ways than one. He prospers our soul, our spirit and our mind. He is a whole package kind of God and he delivers an all-inclusive prosperity bundle. Expect to prosper with the Lord. Expect to grow in all your ways. Expect an increase and not a demotion. Expect to go places you have never visited before. Expect more with God. Expect to keep going and to keep being blessed. God is going to prosper you. He is going to multiply His goodness in your life. You are going to be the head and not the tail. You are going to climb the spiritual ladder and get to new altitudes. God has hope for you. Take it. Indulge in it. Embrace it. Have hope for a better future. Have hope that God has planned your life and it’s the best life you can have. Thank Him for the plans for your life. Thank Him for protecting you from the plans of the enemy. God has planned your life and it is filled with love, peace, joy and His very best.


Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Isaiah 55:8-12; Ephesians 3:20


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