It’s not too hard for God

Do you ever scratch your head wondering how things are going to work out for you? Do you ever think that nothing will be able to change the way things are? Do you ever see no way out? Do your problems seem too big for you? They are not too big for the Lord. He doesn’t spend hours trying to figure out how He is going to get you of your mess. He can take your mess and turn into a success. He is not intimidated by anything. I need to say this again. God is not intimidated by anything. You might be shaking in your boots thinking about where your help will come from but He is not impressed by the magnitude of your mess. His reality is that the worst thing that could happen to you is nothing for Him to worry about because He will always, always be bigger than anything that happens to you. His power and His ability to turn things around are stronger than any evil in this world and that includes all the traps the enemy we will ever lay out for you. Today I want you to focus on how God can always rescue you, bless you, help you and protect you. Your problem is not too hard for God. Your predicament is not too hard for God. Your mess is not too hard for God. Nothing that will ever happen to you is too hard for God to solve.


The word mess defines a situation or a state of affairs that is full of difficulties. It’s not always something we get into consciously. It’s not something that God wants for us. It’s a state of affairs that the enemy rejoices over because he knows it is stealing things from us. It is robbing us of our joy, our peace of mind and our faith at times. A mess, a plight, a predicament can make us doubt our faith. It’s during that mess that our faith needs to be activated or reactivated. The mess is a stepping stone for progress and not a step down towards regress. It can be used to sharpen our faith skills. Life serves me a fair amount of messes just like anyone else and I am learning to see them as ways to stay in praise mode and to be strong in the Lord. I say out loud that this mess will not be the end of me but it is the start of the next level of faith that I am reaching. I thank the Lord for destroying the mess as He is building up my faith. A mess can be in my best interest even if it looks like a nuisance and a tough imbroglio.


Another great nugget of wisdom I am gaining from being in a terrible mess is how the mess is never too big for God. Another definition of a mess is an untidy or dirty state of things. Our God is orderly, pure, noble and clean. He can come in and clean all messes. He has no problem making things pure and neat. His purity always wins against the dirt of the enemy. Celebrate the Lord today. Celebrate how He is going to tidy things up and get rid of your mess. His power to heal, deliver, correct, make perfect and bless is overwhelmingly amazing. The mess you are in now might contain several difficulties that are keeping you up at night but those difficulties are not too hard for God. Your lacks and your failures are not too hard for God to remove. He is the God of restoration and He can rebuild anything and make anything new. Think about what seems to be too hard for you to deal with and turn it over to the Lord. Bring it to Him in prayer. Give it up. Give it to Him. He can take it. He can handle it. It doesn’t matter how bad things are, God can recondition your situation and create new circumstances where peace will abound. Nothing is impossible to God. Adhere to that truth. Write it on your heart and engrave it on your mind. Things may look very difficult today but they are not too hard for God!


Suggested reading: Genesis 18:14; Jeremiah 32:27; Luke 18:27


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