Fight for what’s yours

Have you ever had to fight for something that was rightfully yours? Have you ever had to get something that you used to get easily but now it is more of a battle to get it? I had sinus surgery yesterday. I have had a few surgeries before. They were all covered by my insurance but to get this surgery done, it took a lot more work and effort. I knew that my insurance covered it but the doctor’s assistant who oversees scheduling surgeries always had some bad news for me. One day she said that it wasn’t covered because my insurance had the New Hampshire plan even though I don’t live in New Hampshire. I had to call the insurance myself and they told me I was good to go. Going back to the assistant there was always something wrong. She has such a negative attitude toward the whole thing. I knew it was my right to have the procedure done and it would be paid for it. I had to fight for my rights. I had to fight for what was mine despite the confusion the enemy was injecting in this situation by using the doctor’s assistant. I stood my ground and I didn’t give up until it all came to pass. It reminded me of how in life we must fight for what the Lord says is rightfully ours. The world doesn’t always agree with God’s Word. God’s Word is a manual for life and in His Book, He has listed what we can expect to see happen in our lives as heirs of the King of kings. We are entitled to spiritual blessings. They are way better than what the world deems to be riches. Pursuing the spiritual before the material will guarantee the material to follow but we are to seek the Kingdom first and all other things will follow. Today I want to encourage you to know what belongs to you in Jesus’ name and fight for it. Don’t let the world take away what’s yours. If God says it’s yours then it is. Identify it, know it, claim it and enjoy it in Jesus’ name!




God says we have access to His love and kindness. We are His children and as His children we are entitled to what’s in His house here and now. God’s house is where we belong. Do you ever think of that? What you find in His house is for you to use. He is not a stingy father who only gives you access to a few rooms in His mansion. It’s yours. You are His child. What’s in God’s house? First you need to remember all the attributes of His Spirit. They are all in His house. Love. Peace, joy, patience, long-suffering, faith and kindness are in God’s house and they are there for the taking. Don’t be a shy kid who’s not comfortable in his or her house. Be comfortable in God’s house. Use every room. Play in every room. Sleep in peace in his house, eat plenty and rest in His house. You are entitled to everything that is in His house. The enemy will tell you otherwise but you are going to have to fight for your rights. Fight for what’s yours. Stand in faith and keep claiming things from the Kingdom until you see them manifest in the natural. You are entitled to be loved by God. You are entitled to know love. You are entitled to live in peace. Peace of mind is yours. Don’t let your mind fool you into accepting less than God’s best. Stand for what’s yours. The Lord is standing right there with you!




God will provide your every need according to His will. His will for you encompasses so much more than you can think of. You are entitled to so much more than you can think of. Identify in God’s Word what’s yours. Know that it is yours, meaning believe it is. Claim it when you pray and you will get it. The key is to study God’s Word and find out about what it says is yours. It’s one thing to know it and not do anything about it hoping that it will land on your lap and it’s another thing to know it, meditate on it, seize it with your faith and enjoy it. The kingdom belongs to those that take it by force. We must know what is ours and take it by the force of faith. Faith moves the hand of God. Faith moves mountains and reveals the beautiful valleys that are our promised land so to speak. Let your faith claim your rights and let your rights be manifested by your faith. Fight for what’s yours. Don’t let the enemy take anything from you!


Suggested reading: Matthew 5:6; Matthew 6:33; Matthew 11:12

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