Praise God through the pain

I had sinus surgery a few days ago and it was very painful. I only had local anesthesia so I heard cracking and what sounded like drilling during the procedure. Painful experience to say the least but it will all be worth it in the end. After they were done operating on me, I was in excruciating pain and all I wanted to do was to stand up and walk thinking it could help diminish the pain. The nurse told me to stay still. It made me think that it was exactly what the Lord wanted me to do. He wanted me to be still, trust Him and trust the process. I did pray. Prayer is a language I speak fluently so it was easy to pray despite the pain. I knew I needed to take it one step further and praise. I needed to praise God through the pain. Was it easy? It was very difficult but I always want to practice what I preach so I praised Him. I might have had a few tears in my eyes but I praised Him. I gave Him all I had. I exalted Him. I made Him higher than the pain.

It wasn’t what my body wanted. It wasn’t what my flesh was willing to do but my spirit was on board and I gave in to it. Through physical pain, emotional pain and spiritual pain, praising God is always the best thing to do. It’s not the natural thing to do but it is what we ought to turn to. The pain needs to hear us praise Him. Our circumstances need to be shattered and confused by the praises. Why? Praise is the melody of Heaven clashing with the chaotic sounds of the earth. When we praise, we sit in heavenly places honoring the One who died for us, the One who took care of the pain. We praise to thank Him and to be in agreement with what He did for us. Friend, praise the Lord through the pain. Your breakthrough is on the way. Praise away. God will make a way!

When we are in pain, it’s hard to see that the pain will ever go away. The enemy wants us to focus on the hurt and the pain and be blind to our Lord. The Lord said we would experience suffering in this world but He has conquered the world. Being in pain doesn’t mean we were defeated. Being in pain doesn’t mean the enemy won. If we stay in faith, we will see the Lord in all His glory. It means there is a way out. Pain is not the end game. It’s an opportunity to see the display of God’s mercy and love. Your pain today will be destroyed. It is going to be removed and swept away. Give God the glory today. Don’t let the pain dictate what you should believe. Believe the pain is being told to go away as you praise. You hold the discourse. Your faith holds the truth. Let the truth be expressed through praise. Give faith a voice and crush the pain. It’s not easy. I know that well but the Lord wouldn’t ask us to do the impossible. Nothing is impossible to Him so in the midst of pain we ought to continue to partner with Him so that “His impossible become our impossible” as well!

Attacking pain with praise did work for me. It didn’t work right away but after a while I felt peace and I had a lot of hope. I had the hope of better days. Days where there will be no suffering and no more headaches. Praise does that. It fills the atmosphere with hope. Praise until peace and hope come back. They will because the Lord is in your praises and He incarnates peace, joy and hope. Your praises are getting you to a nice place. The place of your current suffering is not your permanent destination. It’s a detour that got you off track but it’s temporary. Where you are headed is amazing. Your praises are taking you there. God is taking you there. Keep praising. Keep singing. Keep praising with your actions and with your words. Don’t stop. You need this. You need the great breakthrough that comes through praise. Your pain will stop. God is getting the glory. Don’t let your situation squash your victory. Let the praises delineate the path to relief and victory. Praise God through the pain. He will give you peace in the rain and joy through the thunderstorms. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: John 14:27; John 16:33; 1 John 5:4

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